Burlington Pest Control: Essential Facts About Carpenter Ants You Can’t Ignore

Burlington Pest Control: Essential Facts About Carpenter Ants You Can't Ignore

Carpenter ants are insects that are notorious for invading homes and drilling through wooden materials. If a homeowner has an issue with carpenter ants in their house, it is highly recommended that they contact carpenter ant pest control in Burlington to clear the problem completely. However, there is much more to this species than simply being pests to exterminate. Here are four important facts about carpenter ants.

1. Carpenter Ants Are Very Strong

It may not seem like strength would be an asset for such a small insect, but carpenter ants are actually very strong for their size. It is largely the anatomical structure of carpenter ants that causes these insects to be so strong, as well as being compact in size and having strong joints. In addition, carpenter ants have a lot of muscle mass that they gain from all of the relatively heavy objects that they carry around all day. Lastly, not only are individual ants strong, but they tend to work together in a way that intensifies each individual ant’s strength.

2. The Queen Lives a Long Time

The queen, or the sole female in a colony of carpenter ants whose job is to reproduce, can live for a remarkably long time. In fact, she has the ability to outlive most other insects in the animal kingdom with a lifespan of up to 25 years. This makes sense considering she is responsible for maintaining the population of the colony and ensuring that it survives and thrives. As such, if a homeowner wonders how to get rid of carpenter ants, it might be wise to hire a professional who can first identify the queen. Queen carpenter ants also:

  • Lay eggs in a crevice or other location that provides protection
  • Are larger than male ants
  • Rely on themselves to feed their hatches

Carpenter ant pest control in Burlington can assist with not only removing the existing males in a colony but removing the queen in order to prevent new eggs from hatching.

3. They Are a Large Species

Carpenter ants are one of the largest ant species that one can find in North America. Worker ants have bodies that measure up to 12 millimetres in length, while the queen can be as long as 20 millimetres, or around one inch in length. To maintain their large size, these ants eat dead insects and sugary foods such as honey, fruit and syrup. Other large ant species in North America include:

  • Texas leafcutter
  • Allegheny mound
  • Pacific field
  • Black garden

If someone has an ant problem at home, calling carpenter ant control near me will help them be sure of which species they are looking at so they can properly eliminate that species.

4. They Do Not Eat Wood

It is a common misconception that carpenter ants eat wood, and that is the reason they can cause so much damage to a home. The real reason why carpenter ants drill into wood is to make a safe and secluded spot for the queen to nest. Ants start with wooden surfaces that are already soft or beginning to rot since those areas are easier to bore through than more solid surfaces.

In Need of Carpenter Ant Pest Control in Burlington?

If a homeowner notices a problem with carpenter ants threatening the integrity of their wooden surface, contact Truly Nolen Canada for professional and reliable pest control services. Although there are many fascinating facts about this species, the truth is that they can still cause a lot of costly damage to a structure. Carpenter ant pest control in Burlington can fix the problem before it gets worse.