Burlington Pest Removal: Signs There are Mice in Your Attic

Burlington Pest Removal: Signs There are Mice in Your Attic

Although mice are nocturnal and prefer to avoid interactions with humans, you don’t want to have rodents in your house because they are notorious for spreading dangerous diseases. Mice multiply quickly, and you may not know that you have a rodent for a roommate until you are dealing with a full-blown infestation. When you need mice pest control in Burlington, Truly Nolen Canada is ready to help with a team of expert pest control technicians.

Mice try to avoid humans, so when they take up residence in your home, they usually build nests in spaces such as attics and basements. Our technicians know how to find rodents in these areas and get them out of your house, but you need to know the signs of mice in your attic so you know when to call us. Here are four common signs that you have rodents living in your attic.

1. You Hear Rodents

Mice aren’t particularly loud creatures, but they do squeak. During quiet moments, you may hear faint squeaking noises from kits hidden in nests. However, the most common sounds from rodents are caused by creaking wood. You may hear mice scurrying through your walls during the day, or there may be creaking noises coming from the attic. It’s always a good idea to check out spaces you don’t use often if you think you have a mouse in your home.

2. You See Mice

Mice prefer to stick to the inner recesses of your home, so even if you have rodents living in your attic, you may not see them very often. However, you may see a mouse scurrying around your kitchen looking for crumbs or water. If you see one mouse, chances are there are more hidden from sight. A single female mouse can produce up to 60 kits in a single year, so it is best to contact a pest control company immediately if you see a rodent. Quick intervention is essential to prevent a full-blown infestation.

3. You See Chew Marks

One notorious fact about mice is that they are chewers and will gnaw on any surface they find. You may find gnaw marks on baseboards or open food containers. Mice also gnaw on electrical wires, which is a huge fire hazard. If you see scratches that could be chew marks, it’s best to call a professional immediately to have a technician check for rodents.

4. You Smell Mouse Urine or Find Droppings

Smelling urine or finding droppings is a strong indication of rodents in your home. Mouse urine has a pungent odour that smells like ammonia. You may get a faint whiff of the scent in various areas of your home, but it will probably be strongest near the nest. If mice are living in your attic, the odour in the space may be nearly overwhelming.

Mouse droppings are small and often left in piles. Each dropping looks like a tiny pellet with a rounded end. They are brown and shiny in colour. Knowing how to identify mouse droppings versus the feces of other creatures is essential for determining whether or not rodents are in your home.

Contact a Professional for Mice Pest Control in Burlington

If you notice any of the signs, you may have mice living in your attic. DIY methods of mouse removal are often ineffective, especially if you are dealing with multiple rodents. When you want to know what is the best pest control to get rid of mice, contact Truly Nolen Canada. Our skilled technicians know how to effectively get rid of mice infestations, so call us today to book an appointment if you need pest control near me for mice.