Cambridge Pest Control: Why Ants Are Attracted to the Kitchen

Why Ants Are Attracted to the Kitchen

The kitchen is a popular spot for a carpenter ant infestation in a home. Different species of ants may be hanging around your kitchen, such as the common house ant, a small black ant, and carpenter ants, large black ants. If you think you have a carpenter ant problem, take action by contacting Truly Nolen for quick carpenter ant removal services in Cambridge.

Truly Nolen’s staff and technicians focus on understanding insect biology and behaviour. Not only do we plan a removal strategy, but we also use our expert knowledge to develop a preventative plan to keep ants out of your kitchen. Here’s why they may be attracted to this room in your house.

Kitchen Smells and Crumbs

The biggest reason ants flock to the kitchen is for food. The kitchen is the central location for most families’ food storage. The refrigerators, oven, pantry and cabinets have lots of different options for an ant colony to eat.

It’s essential to keep your kitchen spotless and clean up any spills, crumbs or residue from your cabinets, sink, floor and refrigerator so ants aren’t attracted to the smell. Additionally, keep items sealed in containers or bags to ensure ants can’t get inside your food supply.

Water Source

Ants also need water to survive, and the kitchen has more than one source of water for thirsty insects. A common place for an ant colony to visit is the kitchen sink. If you have a leak anywhere around your sink, get it fixed so dripping water doesn’t become a problem. Additionally, keep your sink clean and dry to prevent an ant issue.

Kitchens also have water from the refrigerator and dishwasher, so be sure to keep these appliances dry. Clean up any ice cubes that your ice dispenser shoots out of your refrigerator to keep melted ice from attracting more ants.

Pet Food

If you have pets, their food could also be attracting ants or other insects. Kibble that is left out in pet food bowls for your cat or dog to grace may be inadvertently causing an ant problem. Just like regular food, pet food is a tasty source of energy for ants and other types of bugs.

If you notice ants, you have to remove the food source. Keep pet food stored in sealed containers and remove and wash your pet’s bowls when they are finished eating.

Trash Cans

Your trash can in your kitchen may also be a food source for an ant colony. When you throw items away, residue, crumbs and uneaten food may be attracting ants and create an infestation. Ants can smell the food from your trash and may be flocking to this spot.

To prevent your kitchen trash from being a feeding spot for ants, make sure you cover it with a tight-fitting lid. If you have a cabinet in your kitchen for a trash can, that is also a more secure area to keep your garbage. Consider composting uneaten food or putting it down the garbage disposal instead of keeping it in the trash.

Effective Carpenter Ant Removal Services in Cambridge

When you have a problem with carpenter ants in your kitchen, your home is at risk of incurring expensive damage. Carpenter ants chew through wood substances, such as windowsills, furniture, decks and anything else available. Truly Nolen can come out, inspect your property, identify the ant species and create an effective strategy for removal. We provide services for the interior and exterior points of your home to keep ants out.

Let Truly Nolen help you clear away an ant problem. Contact our team today to get more information about our services for removing carpenter ants.