Guelph Commercial Pest Control: What to Do About Cockroaches in the Kitchen

Guelph Commercial Pest Control: What to Do About Cockroaches in the Kitchen

Whether you own a home or a commercial dining establishment, you are likely aware of the ill effects of pests that come into areas of the kitchen. Cockroaches are one pest that many people find to be especially nasty, so it is beneficial to know when to call commercial pest control in Guelph to remove those creatures. Here are some things to do if you have cockroaches in your kitchen.

Find Out Why the Cockroaches Are Coming

Learning why pests are attracted to your kitchen is the first step toward preventing their appearance in the first place. There are several reasons why kitchens are attractive areas for pests such as cockroaches to hang out.

The first and most obvious reason a cockroach might come into your kitchen is that that room generally contains lots of food, not all of which might be sealed and inaccessible to a pest. For example, cockroaches might notice crumbs on the countertops and floor and decide to take up residence for easy access to food. Cockroaches are also great at navigating small spaces, such as cracks between the counters, that you might not realize contain pieces of food.

Another reason cockroaches come to your kitchen is the number of hiding spaces, such as wooden cabinets and drawers. These critters prefer hiding during the day and can take up residence in your kitchen before you know anything is happening. To make matters worse, roaches are especially attracted to porous materials like wood, because they allow their pheromones to permeate on the surface to communicate with others of the same species.

A third reason why roaches enjoy being in the kitchen is access to water. Like most creatures, cockroaches need water to live, and kitchens are a great source of moisture. For instance, sinks full of dirty dishes soaking in water are greatly appealing to these bugs. There may also be less obvious sources of moisture in your kitchen, such as moisture from a water leak in the refrigerator or dishwasher, that may entice roaches to come into the room.

Find Out How They Get Inside 

Once you have an idea about why cockroaches are coming into your kitchen, you will want to try to discover their point or points of entry. Check for cracks around doors as well as in the floors, walls and ceiling for any obvious points of entry. If there is nothing obvious that sticks out to you, remember that a professional from a cockroach removal company can offer more insight regarding points of entry that may be less obvious.

Another way that cockroaches can get inside a home or place of business is via the suitcase or purse of someone who recently travelled. This is something that home and business owners have less control over. However, you can still be proactive and call a professional regarding residential pest control and prevention services if you host a lot of guests at your home.

Find Out What To Do

If prevention measures fail, you need to learn what to do if you find yourself with a cockroach infestation. The most common advice is to hire pest control professionals to find the origin of the bugs, seal them off and take measures to prevent them from returning. After removal, it is a good idea to have a professional cleaner come in to sanitize the affected areas. Continue to practice good cleaning habits and have a pest control prevention service come on a regular basis to help keep the problem from reoccurring.

If you need help removing cockroaches or want to prevent them from returning, contact our Truly Nolen Canada team in Guelph right away. We are here to help answer any pest related questions you may have and provide an effective solution to keep your home protected.