Guelph Pest Control: Are Spider Bites Harmful to Your Pets?

Guelph Pest Control: Are Spider Bites Harmful to Your Pets?

Like most Guelph homeowners, you probably consider your pets part of the family and do all you can to protect them from danger. Invasive pests, such as spiders, can cause your dog or cat considerable harm with their venom. A spider exterminator in Guelph from Truly Nolen can provide you with effective pest control and several tips for keeping your pets safe from spider bites.

Are Spider Bites Dangerous To Pets?

Most species of spiders in Canada avoid humans and mammals and hide rather than use their venom for defence. Larger spiders may bite faster when threatened or surprised, and if your pet disturbs one while wandering the house, this could result in a bite. In most cases, spider bites cause common skin symptoms for both cats and dogs, including:

  • Itching
  • Hair loss around the bite
  • Swelling and irritation at the bite site

While larger spiders can deliver a painful bite, only the brown recluse and female black widow spiders carry venom that could cause serious medical issues with your pet.

How Does Spider Venom Affect a Pet?

The seriousness of a spider bite to a dog or cat usually depends on the level of envenomation. If the animal took a hit of venom, symptoms can take hours to show up and may include restlessness, increased salivation, tremors and swelling at the bite site. Smaller dogs and cats may have a more extreme reaction, as well as those who suffer an allergic reaction as a result of a bite.

You can prevent interactions between your pet and large or venomous spiders by calling in a spider exterminator in Guelph from Truly Nolen. Our pest technicians have the know-how and tools to protect your home from unwelcome eight-legged guests.

How Do You Handle a Bitten Pet?

If you suspect your dog or cat has a spider bite, stay calm as you inspect the wound so you do not cause your pet any anxiety. Look for any changes in the hair and skin around the wound and any changes in your pet’s behaviour, such as food refusal.

Take your dog or cat for veterinary help after a spider bite and if possible, identify or capture the spider so the vet can treat your pet according to what species delivered the bite. Depending on the type of venom, your pet may need moderate to serious vet intervention. You can prevent this by making an effort to get rid of spiders around your home.

When Do You Need a Spider Exterminator in Guelph?

You may see a spider or two around your home in warmer weather, but when they start to occupy every corner and invade multiple rooms, you may wonder, “Is there a spider exterminator near me who can protect my home and family from different species?” Our Truly Nolen pest technicians can identify and treat your home for a variety of spider types.

Not all spiders have the same hunting habits and methods. Larger species, like Canadian wolf spiders, are wandering and ambush hunters, while cellar spiders build webs with trip lines to capture and collect their prey. Finding and eliminating spiders and their eggs in a way that keeps your pets safe is a job for an experienced exterminator.

How Does Truly Nolen Help?

Many spider species are adept at hiding, but Truly Nolen can find spiders wherever they nest and offer treatment options that get rid of spiders year-round. They can also identify and repair holes and gaps where spiders might enter and harm your pets.

Contact Us for Spider Removal

Spider bites can cause serious medical issues for your pets. Both dogs and cats may come into contact with these venomous arachnids almost anywhere inside your home. Contact us here at Truly Nolen today and schedule an inspection or for further information about spider control.