Why Pests Love Commercial Kitchens in Guelph

Commercial Kitchens in Guelph

No one likes to see pests in their kitchen. If you operate a commercial kitchen, you may be even more dismayed to see any type of wildlife in your space. Roaches, ants, spiders, mice and rats are threats to commercial kitchens. When you see one pest, it’s almost guaranteed that there are more you can’t see. No one wants to think about pests taking up residence in a restaurant or other facility, but the reality is that your kitchen is a buffet. It’s not just the food in the kitchen that draws wildlife. Pests are drawn to water sources. Truly Nolen can help your business with commercial pest control.

Why Do Pests Love Kitchens?

Animals are driven by natural instincts to find food and water to survive. They also look for safe places to hide. A commercial kitchen has hundreds of places to create a nest to raise babies and to find resources to take care of those babies. You can see a clean kitchen, but roaches can sniff out all those crumbs that didn’t get swept up under the stove or the little bits of food that fell behind the counter and were overlooked. That small leak in the bathroom can be enough for mice to survive. Kitchens are the best places for pests to forage for food.

Commercial Pest Control Tips

When you understand why pests love kitchens, you can do better to prevent pests from moving in and making a home. In any kitchen, especially a commercial kitchen, cleanliness is the best thing to avoid pests. Spending extra time keeping kitchen equipment clean can help prevent many problems. Here are some tips to help you keep your kitchen pest-free:

  • Heavy kitchen equipment needs to be moved regularly for cleaning. Put these items on casters or rollers to make it easier for staff.
  • Do a deep clean often and make sure your team is getting the hard to reach and inconvenient places cleaned.
  • Remember to clean the floor drains.
  • Make routine repairs to walls and floors to avoid any gaps where pests can get into your restaurants.
  • Store food items in pest-proof containers. Wipe down these containers daily to avoid food and grime from calling pests.
  • Clean up any standing water. Fix leaking faucets or pipes.
  • Take out trash daily in strong bags.
  • Keep the dumpster area clean.
  • Watch for any signs of pests in the area, droppings, chew marks or actual pests.

Does keeping your restaurant this clean take time and effort? When you start out, you may have a lot to do to get your kitchen up to a higher standard, but it will be easier to keep things going if you spend an extra hour or so each day. When it comes to common pests, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Pests, roaches, flies, mice, ants and even bats, can do more damage than you might realize. One small infestation doesn’t take long to damage your reputation among staff and patrons. Doing everything you can to reduce how attractive your kitchen is can help you maintain your business.

Professional Commercial Pest Control in Guelph

A commercial pest control program supports your efforts by providing a technician to work with you to prevent pests. A pest control company has trained experts who can spot small issues that invite pests into your business and mitigate those problems before the pests have a chance to take hold. Our technicians search for conditions conducive to all types of pests. Then, we make sure your business isn’t pest-friendly. You can have peace of mind that you’re doing all you can to avoid an infestation and prevent the spread of disease and germs among your staff and patrons. Contact Truly Nolen in Guelph to learn more about our commercial pest control programs that are tailored to fit your business.