3 Ways to Know The Bees Around Your Haldimand-Norfolk Home Are a Problem

3 Ways to Know The Bees Around Your Haldimand-Norfolk Home Are a Problem

Bees are an incredible force of nature. They are essential to the environment, pollinating a large percentage of flowering plants. When you notice bees around your home, you can be grateful they’re assisting in the beautification of your yard. You can be excited that they’re pollinating your vegetable garden for a robust crop. Unfortunately, they don’t stop there and can cause some problems that require bee and wasp removal services.

You don’t need to jump to removal services immediately. You might watch the bees for a few days to see what they’re doing and how many there are. You might have our pest control professionals conduct an inspection. If there is a problem, that is when we can discuss your options.

Signs of a Bee or Wasp Infestation

Not every sign of a bee will indicate the need for removal services by professionals, but it is important that you know what to look for. If ignored for too long, you could end up with a more serious issue at hand. Some signs that it’s time to call for professional pest control services in Haldimand- Norfolk are:

  • The bee population is large – A bee here and there, coming and going from somewhere else, probably doesn’t mean much for your property. If you see a swarm, however, and it never leaves, that could be a huge problem. You might hear the buzzing of thousands of bees and not be able to see them. You might see them swarming around your chimney. In either case, tens of thousands of bees are problematic.
  • Your walls are stained – Something many homeowners don’t realize is bees can destroy the structure of their homes. As the hive begins to expand, it can push through drywall. You might begin to notice stains of leaking honey, sticky wax, or bee waste. This could be found inside or outside your home.
  • There is a foul odour in the home – You might think of flowers and honey when you think of bees, but they don’t always smell like that. The presence of bees could result in a rotting or musky odour. Hives rot and bees die, and both issues present obvious smells inside the home.

Why You Should Hire a Professional

We have professionals for a reason, and you must utilize their skills when dealing with pests. There are several reasons you should never attempt to remove bees or wasps on your own:

  • Bees can be dangerous – Many people have allergic reactions to being stung. With proper equipment, our professionals avoid that issue and keep your family safe.
  • Bees can be tricky – Because of their small size, they can tuck into the most inconvenient spaces to build their hives. When on a call, our professionals have found them in chimneys, trees, attics, cracks in the wall, and other similar spaces. We have the tools required to eliminate the problem without further damaging your property.
  • The job can get dangerous – Again, because of location, the job of eliminating bees can get dangerous. The beehive could be up so high the job requires getting no the roof or high up in a tree. We might have to maneuver around power lines or other dangerous elements. This is something no homeowner should attempt.

Contact Us for Bee and Wasp Removal Services Today

Although bees provide an important service to our environment, they can be a danger and a nuisance. If you’ve noticed a swarm of bees, stained walls, or unpleasant odours, it might be time for an inspection. Contact Truly Nolen Canada today to discuss our bee removal services and let’s clean up your home.