Kitchener Pest Control: 4 Tips to Keep Birds Out of Your Home

Kitchener Pest Control: 4 Tips to Keep Birds Out of Your Home

Birds are amazing creatures, and most homeowners love watching them soar through neighbourhoods and listening to them sing their songs. Despite their beauty, birds can become nuisances that require the professional assistance of bird removal in Kitchener.
Homeowners often invite birds to their property because they find the animals’ presence peaceful. They install birdfeeders and baths, all hoping to attract various avian species to their backyards.

Attracting birds to your yard can be hazardous to your property and house. During the changing seasons or mating periods, birds may seek shelter in attics, rafters, and garages or sheds. Avoiding these nesting habits is critical to preventing property damage.

4 Tips To Prevent Birds in Your Home

Learning is more challenging than preventing them in the first place. When birds know they can access food and water on a property, they have little reason to leave.

People providing food for birds can interfere with natural migratory instincts because they do not feel a reason to leave and find other, more abundant food sources. Therefore, feeding and providing for wild birds may not be the most helpful thing you can do for them.
You should avoid encouraging the animals to stay to protect your property and encourage natural behaviours. Also, you should protect your home from possible intrusion. Discover four ways to protect your property and deter birds.

1. Block Entries

Birds do not require massive openings to enter a property or nest. A dryer vent or gutter offers adequate space for most birds.
To keep birds away from your house, you want to focus on eliminating possible nesting sites and entry points. For example, many birds like to nest in dryer vents during the fall and winter for warmth. To prevent such intrusions, cover the vent with an appropriate metal mesh.

You’ll also want to inspect your home for any other unintentional openings, such as holes in screens or cracks or gaps in sidings. A pest control professional can help identify all vulnerable areas around your house.

2. Cover Windows

If you want to avoid needing bird control services, make sure all windows in your property have covers. Install screens to allow air circulation, but avoid opening windows without one.

Open windows without screens are easy access for birds and other wildlife. Any time the windows are left unattended provides an opportunity for entry.

3. Eliminate Food Sources

The hardest thing for bird lovers to hear is that they need to stop feeding and installing bird baths on their property. Feeding and offering water only encourages nesting and roosting behaviours.

If you must feed birds on your property, keep feeders to the back of your property line, as far away from the house structure as possible. The same goes for bird baths and houses.

A side note: Clean up bird seed on the ground around feeders daily. Other critters, including rodents, will find the seeds and eat them. A continual supply of fallen seeds will motivate return trips.

4. Use Fake Predatory Birds

If you remove bird baths, houses, and bird feeders and still have birds nesting on and around your property, you can try installing fake predatory birds. A plastic hawk or owl can help deter pests from properties, but they do not always work. The most efficient prevention method is pest control.

Bird Control Services for Kitchener Homeowners

You cannot deny the beauty of birds. The flying creatures are awe-inspiring and often create a peaceful ambiance in neighbourhoods. Still, when birds become too comfortable around a property, they seek shelter in homes and outbuildings and likely require bird removal in Kitchener to resecure the property. Contact Truly Nolen Canada to discuss bird prevention strategies and ask about the service’s four-season treatment plan.