Kitchener Pest Control: 7 Fun Facts About Wasps

Kitchener Pest Control- 7 Fun Facts About Wasps

Few homeowners have warm thoughts when they think of wasps, but these insects are surprisingly smart and capable of some unique defence techniques. Check out these seven fun facts to learn more about these bee-like guests. Discover how Truly Nolen Canada can offer hassle-free wasp control in Kitchener to maintain a healthy wasp population at a healthy distance from your home.

1. Wasps Are Creative Builders

While a beehive is typically found hanging on a tree or building eaves, wasps can build nests in virtually any area. These creative builders have been known to dig holes through drywall, foundations and siding material. Wasp nests can survive outdoor exposure, but many choose to hide their nests in more secluded areas. Cracks, crevices and wall cavities are such great places for nests that they are extremely difficult to remove without professional assistance.

2. They Scavenge Food

From fish to leftover fruit, wasps eat a surprising range of foods. These scavengers are particularly keen on cleaning out your trash can, so be sure to keep your trash secure to discourage wasps from moving in. Cover your barbecue with a tarp and keep your receptacles clean. If you have fruit trees on your property, consider cleaning up fallen fruit to remove a buffet for local wasps. Most food scraps attract wasps, and too many leftover treats can encourage local wasps to set up a next around your property.

3. Winter Takes a Toll on Them

Most insects go dormant or migrate during the winter months. While the queen of each colony can go dormant and survive a local winter in Kitchener, few of the other wasps survive a cold snap. This is good news and bad news for your property. The good news is that you won’t have to worry about a wasp swarm in the winter. The bad news is that the dormant queen will continue to lay eggs next spring and create an entirely new swarm of wasps in the same area.

4. Wasps Become Aggressive When Attacked

Wasps are tough little fighters, so a swat won’t discourage them from pursuing their goals. Instead, these insects can become angry and aggressive when threatened. Wasps can even call in reinforcements using pheromone signals. Swat at a single wasp and you may discover an entire swarm that’s ready to defend their home and food.

5. Every Wasp Has a Unique Facial Pattern

All wasps may look alike to you, but each one actually has a distinctive face pattern. This uniqueness helps wasps to identify intruders among their swarm. Each nest can host between a dozen and hundreds of wasps, depending on the type of wasp and size of nest.

6. They Aren’t Always Yellow and Black

The most recognizable wasp colouring is a yellow and black pattern. Wasps can, however, come in a surprising range of colours. Don’t be surprised to see white, reddish or brownish colouring on wasps in Canada. Wasps around the world have orange, green and blue colouring in a variety of combinations.

7. Truly Nolen Can Make Wasp Control a Breeze

It’s not impossible to discourage wasps from creating nests around your property. No one wants to invite a wasp swarm to their outdoor gathering, so work with Truly Nolen to make wasp pest control a breeze. Find out how local experts can discourage wasps and safely remove nests without harming the local bee population or resorting to environmentally damaging solutions.

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