Why Commercial Businesses in Kitchener Must Have Pest Control Services

Benefits of Having Pest Control for your Commercial Business

Most people are familiar with residential pest control services, which homeowners contact to safely remove an invasion of mice, spiders or some other type of species that likes to hide out in attics and basements. However, many people do not realize that business establishments also need commercial pest control services in Kitchener. In fact, commercial entities may need even more instances of pest control than residential properties, since they are generally larger and see more foot traffic from multiple people. Here are a few reasons why locations such as offices, stores and restaurants need to have pest control. 

To Avoid Future Issues

Pest control problems can crop up unexpectedly, and sometimes business owners do not even know there is an issue until the pest has done significant damage to their property. Being proactive about pest control is one way that business owners can avoid unexpected pest control problems in the future, as well as the additional costs that come with treating the issue rather than preventing the issue from occurring in the first place.

A professional service will know things like where to spray to help keep pests away and how to remove pests so that they do not come back. This is why it is recommended that business owners contact a professional rather than trying to take care of pest control issues themselves. Do-it-yourself methods often don’t get rid of the problem completely, and can even pose a health hazard if someone inexperienced handles toxic chemicals in the removal process. 

To Keep Customers and Employees Happy

When a customer walks into a business and sees pests on the floors, walls or other areas, they may take it as a sign that the establishment does not care about the safety and well-being of those who enter. Customers might wonder how this affects the product that they were looking to purchase. This is especially true for places like restaurants and bars, where a potential patron might just turn around and leave rather than risk consuming food that could have been prepared near bugs. 

In addition to potentially causing a business to lose customers and profit, pests also pose a health hazard to customers and employees alike. For example:

  • Mice and rats can spread diseases such as leptospirosis and hantavirus
  • Bats can spread rabies, which is fatal if someone receives a bite from a rabid animal and does not get an antidote right away 
  • Insects such as ticks and fleas can carry Lyme disease, malaria, yellow fever and other conditions that may be severe in some individuals 

Business owners want their customers and employees to be safe and healthy, and commercial pest control is one way to help ensure that this remains the case. 

To Allow Owners To Focus on Their Tasks

Entrepreneurs and managers go into business because they have a product or service that they believe in, and they want to deliver that to customers locally or globally. Knowing how to treat or avert a pest control issue is not a requirement for running a commercial establishment, because there are professionals who you can call to deal with the pest situation more effectively. Hiring commercial pest control services in Kitchener allows business owners to focus on the tasks that they are good at and not worry about pests in their building. 

If you need pest control for your commercial property, contact Truly Nolen Canada and speak to one of our professionals about our commercial pest control programs. We have services that are especially suited for dining establishments as well as locations that have problems with fire ants, flies, bees and other common pests.