Why Do Carpenter Ants Invade Kitchener Homes?

Why Do Carpenter Ants Invade Kitchener Homes?

As with most types of bugs, there are good ants and there are bad ants. Good ones, like pyramid ants, help control the population of other insects, and several ant species improve soil and disperse seeds for better plant growth. Unfortunately, there are also troublesome ant species, such as the carpenter ant, which only leave destruction in their wake.

When carpenter ants invade your home, your beams, walls, and foundation are all vulnerable to severe damage. If you suspect a problem, set up a visit with Truly Nolen’s expert team in carpenter ant control in Kitchener to limit the harm and protect your valuable property. Here’s where to check around your home for possible infestations.

Tree Stumps

As their name implies, carpenter ants are industrious creatures, and they’re particularly adept at chewing and tunnelling through the wood. While living trees are often home to colonies of these critters, they also tend to congregate in stumps.

It’s a mistake to think these ants do little harm by occupying a dead stump. The bottom line on carpenter ants is that the more comfortable they feel on your property, the more likely they’ll be to take over additional areas, eventually invading your home and other structures. Allowing stumps to remain in your yard is like putting out a welcome mat for these destructive pests.

Hanging Branches

Once carpenter ants have settled into trees near your home, any hanging branches that touch your roof or siding serve to conveniently bridge the gap from the outdoors to the inside of your house. When there’s something else indoors the ants find attractive, it’s even more likely they’ll make the move from your garden to your home.

Standing Water

Whether it’s due to a gutter clog, leaky pipe, or poor drainage from rainfalls, when water pools it becomes a magnet for all manner of creepy crawlies. Carpenter ants prefer to live in damp and moist areas and need water to survive, so even a small amount of standing water is a draw for them.

Pooled water in and around wood is even more likely to interest carpenter ants, as the combination of moisture and their favourite environment is too good an opportunity to pass up. Beams, doors, and windowsills dampened by standing water make popular homes for these harmful creatures.

Accessible Food

Human and pet foods, even small scraps, are enormously attractive to carpenter ants. Leftover crumbs from an outdoor barbecue or a few bits of stray kibble from Fido’s food bowl will quickly draw a crowd of critters eager to feast on easy eats.

Once ants have made their way into your home, they’ll also be on the hunt for accessible food sources. Sweets are particularly appealing, so check your pantry for loose honey or jelly jars. Because animal proteins also meet their nutritional needs, carpenter ants seek out meat scraps and even accumulated cooking grease. Almost any food product left in the open is a potential attractor.

Call Truly Nolen To Take Care of Your Carpenter Ant Problem

Now that you know where to check for carpenter ants in and around your home, there’s no need to panic if you uncover an infestation. Just get in touch with our team at Truly Nolen, and you’ll be living pest-free in no time at all.

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