Milton Pest Control: Facts About Spiders You May Not Know

Milton Pest Control Facts About Spiders You May Not Know

Unless you are fascinated by arachnids, insects, and other creepy crawlers, you no doubt hope to avoid coming into contact with spiders as much as possible. Unfortunately, many of these critters choose to settle down in people’s residences. At Truly Nolen Canada, we understand that arachnids and other bugs are best appreciated from a distance—a great distance. We offer spider removal services in the Milton area so homeowners and business owners can have more peace of mind.

Spider Fun Facts

Despite their eight eyes, eight legs, and hairy bodies, spiders have many endearing qualities. For one, some spiders have special abilities that make them successful hunters. For example, one species can change colours in order to blend into its environment while it waits for prey. Shockingly, many spiders eat only the inside of their prey, turning this food source into a liquid using certain digestive enzymes.

Additionally, these arachnids can perform a handful of neat tricks with their webs. First, many spiders eat their webs in order to reuse this material to build new webs in the future. Second, some of these critters use their silk not to make webs, but rather to prevent themselves from falling, send their offspring into new locations, and protect their eggs.

Furthermore, spiders may surprise you in various ways when it comes to distinguishing between species and sexes. The creatures known as Daddy Longlegs, for instance, are not actually spiders at all. On top of that, it is the female spiders who are often the largest and the most formidable. In fact, some females eat the males that attempt to court them.

The Lifestyle of the Spider

Because there are so many species of spiders, it can be difficult to pinpoint the typical behaviours of these critters. Even so, the spiders most people encounter on their property tend to be small and eat ants, small flying insects, and other tiny prey. Bear in mind, however, that some spiders have a big enough appetite to hunt down millipedes and lizards!

Different spiders prefer distinct living conditions. For instance, some of these arachnids like to live in warm areas. You may find these critters hanging out in spaces such as attics and air vents. Others opt for moist environments, such as basements and cabinets under sinks. For the most part, spiders tend to find secluded areas that are not heavily trafficked by people.

Preventing Spider Infestations

At Truly Nolen Canada, we strongly support various preventative measures when it comes to pest control in Milton. For instance, try to keep the border surrounding your building clear of any materials that may draw spiders to your property. This may involve trimming back bushes and relocating trash bins. Additionally, it is best to minimize the number of items sitting on your floor so that spiders cannot use them as hiding places. Finally, be sure to inspect your exterior walls and entryways and to fill in any gaps or cracks you see.

Treating Spider Infestations

Truly Nolen Canada understands that even the best housekeeping strategies cannot always prevent spiders from settling into your space. When you notice spider webs or live spiders around your property, our team is the group to call. We take a comprehensive approach to spider control. You can expect us to treat existing spiders with a pressurized mist while giving you insight into the best ways to prevent future infestations. We can even help you clean up webs so these critters don’t have access to food supplies.

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If you are experiencing a spider problem at your home or place of business, be sure to address it right away, as it is unlikely to go away on its own. Call your local Truly Nolen Canada in Milton today to learn more about our spider removal services.