Mississauga Pest Control: Great Tips To Enjoy a Mouse-Free Kitchen

mouse-free kitchen

Mice pose a serious threat to humans, as their waste can spread disease, and their instinct to gnaw may destroy wiring and interior structures. To keep your kitchen mouse-free, you must learn what attracts these critters and how to discourage them. According to mice removal service professionals, these are the best tips for keeping your residence rodent-free.

Take Care of Your Landscaping

Did you know landscaping plays a big role in protecting your home from mice? These critters use shrubbery to hide from predators and even climb trees to access rooftops. Trimming trees and bushes ensures your yard isn’t a rodent-friendly environment. When you add new plants, put them several feet from your house to avoid similar issues.

You can also discourage mice by laying down gravel. Hawks, owls and other birds of prey are natural predators for mice, who stick to tall grass to evade an attack. Putting a few feet of gravel between your lawn and house creates open space mice won’t want to cross. You should also regularly mow your lawn to eliminate other hiding places.

Seal Potential Entry Points

Mice can fit through holes measuring a quarter-inch wide, so even tiny cracks pose a danger. Holes cut to accommodate pipes, gas lines and cables are the perfect avenue for critters to crawl inside your home. Once indoors, mice can get around via the air ducts or inside walls. You should look for points that allow them to enter your home’s interior:

  • Space around floor drains
  • Holes inside cabinets
  • Spaces around dryer vents
  • Gaps behind appliances such as refrigerators
  • Fireplaces

A pest control professional can help you identify problematic areas, especially those hidden in closets or under sinks. You can then seal these holes with metal sheeting, cement, lath cloth, spray foam or steel wool.

Store Food Properly

All pests are attracted to easily obtained food, so storing items properly is an excellent way to avoid unwanted guests. Additionally, if mice get into your food, you’ll have to dispose of it, as there’s a risk of contamination.

Interestingly, mice avoid strong smells, which means they’re less likely to invade your spice cabinet. You can add protection to your kitchen by utilizing certain essential oils, such as peppermint oil, or spices, such as garlic, in cupboards or pantries. Of course, more than this alone is needed to keep mice at bay 100% of the time, so you should combine this technique with common-sense food storage.

For example, you should store fruits and vegetables in your refrigerator. While a bowl of apples may look appealing on a counter or table, it’s an invitation for hungry rodents. Instead, put produce in your fridge’s crisper drawer for extended freshness and nibble-free snacks.

Finally, move groceries from cardboard and flexible plastic packaging into metal, glass or rigid plastic airtight containers. Mice can easily chew through cereal boxes and chip bags, but steel and glass are too much for their teeth. Airtight containers ensure they can’t wriggle their way inside — and it keeps your food fresh longer. The best options are latched or screw-on lids, as they prevent industrious critters from accidentally finding a way in.

Hire a Mice Removal Service

Finally, you should always contact pest control in Mississauga if you suspect mice in your kitchen. Trusting the professionals ensures you get rid of all the mice, including those hiding in inaccessible parts of your home. Pest control experts can also remove nests and debris left behind by these rodents.

When you have a mouse problem, Truly Nolen Canada is here to help. We offer environmentally safe removal and prevention services so you can rest easy in a pest-free home. For more information, give us a call or visit us online.