Mississauga Pest Control: Why Are Carpenter Ants In My Bedroom?

Mississauga Pest Control Why Are Carpenter Ants In Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is the one place in the house where you come to relax and recharge. Above all others in the house, you want this room to be clean and tidy. That is why finding creepy crawlies in this area is particularly upsetting. Ants are commonly found in the bedroom, particularly if you have food or moisture sources in the room. Luckily, you can do things to rid your bedroom of these creatures. Here’s everything you need to know about pest control in Mississauga

Why Are Ants in My Bedroom?

Ants are common in Mississauga bedrooms, especially in the cold winter months. During the colder months, most people notice more ants as ants come indoors and scavenge for water and food. While ants are generally attracted to areas with lots of food, there are other reasons they are found in the bedroom. 

  • Excess Moisture

Ants require water to survive, just like all living things. A lack of moisture outdoors is often what brings them inside. There are many moisture sources inside the bedroom, especially if there is a bathroom attached. Plumbing that carries water throughout the house is a water source that many ants seek. 

  • A Colony Nearby

Ants work together to forage for food and water. Once a colony has been established in an area, colonies send workers out to find resources. If there is a colony near your bedroom, you can count on a steady stream of ants inside your bedroom. The best way to get rid of the ants in this situation is to find the source. Get rid of the colony, and eliminate all of the ants. 

  • Inclement Weather

Ants like warm weather, but they do not tolerate extreme heat. Ants do not like harsh weather, and they often seek refuge inside homes during the colder months. The same thing can happen during the hot summer months. They will also come inside during times of extreme wind or rain.  

  • Food Sources

The majority of an ant’s life is spent foraging for food. Once they find a consistent food source, ants will spend as much time in that location as possible. While most of us avoid eating in our bedrooms, even the smallest food sources are attractive to ants. Takeout containers, food dopped by children, or even a few crumbs on a pillowcase can attract ants. 

How Do I Eliminate Ants in My Bedroom?

Finding a colony of ants in your bedroom can be an incredibly distressing situation. Luckily, there are immediate actions you can take to try and get rid of these insects. Follow these easy tips to take back your bedroom: 

  • Tip #1- Get Rid of Food and Water Sources

In most cases, it is food and water that attract ants. This rule also applies to the bedroom. Declutter your bedroom, wash your sheets and vacuum the floor regularly. Also, keep your children out of your bedroom if they tend to snack outside of the kitchen. 

  • Tip #2- Eliminate Exterior Access

Ants will never have a chance to reach your bedroom if you seal off exterior access points. Eliminating entry points is particularly important if you are worried about carpenter ant removal. Carpenter ants stick together, and they always stay nearby their colonies. If the ants cannot find an easy way inside, they will stay outside near the colony. 

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