Common House Spiders to Look Out For In Niagara

Common House Spiders to Look Out For In Niagara

Spiders are a common sight inside homes. A few spiders may not be anything to concern yourself with. Most spiders in Canada are harmless to humans because their venom is not strong enough to cause serious damage, and spiders help to keep populations of other pests under control. Nevertheless, if the number of spiders in your home seems disproportionate, you may require spider removal in Niagara to get rid of them.

Some types of spiders are more common than others and more likely to be found in homes. Here are a few to look out for particularly.

1. Orb-Weaver Spiders

The word “orb” can refer to either a spherical or a circular shape. In the case of the orb-weaver spider, it is used in the latter sense as these spiders weave large, round webs following a spiral pattern. For this reason, orb-weaver spiders are less likely to be found inside of homes themselves. You are more likely to find them out in your home or garden. They need exterior structures to support their intricate webs, which are usually found among tall grass or in between tree branches.

There are six different species of orb-weaver spiders in Ontario. Most have patterns on their abdomen that are mostly yellow in colour. A few are browner. Most have an intricate pattern on their abdomens.

2. House Spider

As implied by the name, house spiders are among the most common species that you may find around your home. The house spider’s abdomen is white with black stripes, while the rest of its body is more of a yellowish-brown in colour. Not counting the legs, the body of the house spider grows to be a little more than half an inch long but only about one-eighth of an inch wide.

House spiders build webs in corners near lights that attract the insects that they prey on. In addition to inside homes, you are also likely to find them in garages. They are a common occurrence in both locations.

The house spider’s venom is too weak to do any serious harm to humans. They only bite humans in self-defence if they feel threatened by being handled.

3. Daddy Longlegs

What most people refer to as a daddy longlegs spider isn’t actually a spider at all. It is another type of arachnid also known as a harvestman. Both spiders and harvestmen are arachnids, but there are some important differences that distinguish the two.

A spider’s body has two different segments: the head and the abdomen. The harvestman’s body has no segmentation. Harvestmen’s bodies are rounder and stockier because they do not have a “waist” at which the two segments join, as spiders do.

Spiders have at least six eyes, while harvestmen only have two. Unlike spiders, harvestmen do not spin webs. Spiders are carnivorous and have venom while harvestmen are omnivorous and, despite persistent urban legends to the contrary, have no venom at all. Harvestmen mostly live outdoors, but they can sometimes be found inside in dark, congested areas, such as garages and basements.

Confusingly, some people use the term “daddy longlegs” to refer to certain types of spiders, but not everyone uses it to refer to the same species of spiders. Some people use it to refer to house spiders while others use it to refer to a different species called cellar spiders, another common spider to find in your home.

Truly Nolen Can Help With Spider Removal in Niagara

If spiders are really causing a problem around your home, either because there are too many of them or they are one of the few species that can harm humans, contact Truly Nolen for professional pest control services.