Niagara Commercial Pest Control: Keeping Your Restaurant Safe

Pests of any and all kinds are a serious threat to any restaurant, no matter the season. The complete abundance of food, water, warmth, and shelter are the ideal attraction to get them inside and excited about being there. And that could be just the start of your disaster. Commercial pest control in Niagara is Truly Nolen’s expertise, and with the help of our professionals, establishing an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan for your restaurant will help to stay on top of any possible pest threats.

The risk that restaurant owners run if pests are found, or even heard of at their establishment, can be detrimental to the business, and livelihoods of all involved. That is why guarding your business against the following pests is of the utmost importance.

Rodents: Rats and mice have an uncanny ability to squeeze in through the smallest of spaces, and carry with them a whole host of diseases and other pests, such as fleas. The pathogens present in their saliva, urine, and feces can cause serious illness if ingested, effectively shutting your doors for good.

Cockroaches: Cockroaches are attracted by the smell of decaying organic matter and garbage, and can multiply exceptionally fast. Spreading diseases wherever they go, roaches are often found nesting in dumpsters and under trash cans and is a commercial pest control problem in Niagara that cannot be ignored.

Flies: Flies and their maggot offspring love open garbage, and have no trouble making their way into your restaurant. When they come in contact with human food, they have the ability to cause a person great illness, posing a real problem to your loyal patrons.

Your Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Plan

An effective IPM must be completed to ensure your business is adequately protected from all pests. With the help from Truly Nolen, your IPM will include:

Assessing Your Situation – In conjunction with your commercial pest control professional, conduct a comprehensive assessment of your restaurant’s premises, noting points that need attention regarding sanitation, structural deficiencies, and the like.

Take Corrective Actions – Develop and allow for the customization of proactive techniques that involve the use of monitoring, sanitation, as well as non-chemical treatments.

Monitor Your IPM’s Effectiveness – Your IPM is an ever-evolving process that needs hands-on care and attention in order to be fully effective. Involving restaurant staff in a proactive manner is only going to be to your benefit, and these cleaning routines are a must for effective implementation;


  • Keep the patio clean and clear at all times. Spills and dropped food should be cleaned immediately and scrubbed thoroughly at the end of the day.
  • Take care of your trash as soon as possible on a daily basis, covering and sealing bins tightly, and washing them every day to avoid any build-up.
  • Keeping a spotless kitchen at all times is key to keeping pests out of your back-of-house operations. Leaks should be fixed immediately, and the kitchen scrubbed nightly to maintain the highest and most hygienic standards.
  • Inspect and sealing the exterior of the building will spot rodents and roaches form sneaking by your guard. Replacing and repairing weather stripping is another must that needs to be kept in shape.
  • Inspecting any food shipments and deliveries that you receive must be done to prevent the spread of pests into your establishment. Black lights can be used to detect rodent urine and other indoor pests such as weavers.


Having your IPM plan in place is going to help you stay on top of any commercial pest control issues in Niagara, keeping your business open and ensuring the livelihood of those who depend on you.