Rodent Problem in Niagara Falls? Enjoy Rebates For Expert Removal

Truly Nolen Niagara’s Complete Rodent Control Program supports rebates assigned for the expert pest control rat removal in Niagara Falls. The program is designed to monitor the exclusionary measures all-year-round to detect any rodent activity in time.

What Causes Rodent Infestations?

In many cases, development and deforestation rid the rats of their natural habitat. Once they no longer have a place to hide, they will seek shelter in human households that aren’t properly equipped to prevent break-ins.

In other cases, forest fires and torn-down buildings drive away a vast number of rats that used to inhabit the space. As rats require a source of clean water and constant sources of food, urban households become a target. Since rats mate and breed throughout the whole year, a dozen rats can easily turn into thousands.

Risks of Rodent Infestations

There are more than enough risks coming from having rats in your property to hire pest control experts in your Niagara home. The greatest risks from a rat infestation come from a substantial number of illnesses they carry. It’s enough for a rat to pass through areas in which your family stores food for you to be at risk of an infection. Though mainly not aggressive, rats can also injure pets and small children, particularly defenseless babies. These cases are rare, but possible if rats starve enough to start hunting for food.

Less extreme, yet quite serious risks, also include damage to the infrastructure of a home. Rats are highly adaptable species and can survive in drains, attics, basements, walls, sheds and yards. There really isn’t a single spot in an urban home that’s not rat-friendly. As long as they have the space to hide from plain sight, they are capable of surviving in the harshest of environments.

Prevention is a Must to Keep Rodents Away

The initial cause for a rat infestation is mainly environmental, such as development or a natural disaster. Wildfires and floods drive rats away from wild areas, and clearing the land for purposes of development does the same. Still, not every home is equally subjective to rat infestations.

To survive in a property, rats will look for homes that offer shelter, food and water. Meaning, homes with plenty of moist and dark corners, with substantial amounts of uncleared trashed are most likely to be the rat’s target.

While rat removal includes numerous methods to exclude all of the rats from a property, not allowing them to come back again is the only way to prevent recurring infestations. Sealing the home properly, which means repairing roofs, windows, doors, fences and gates, is one way to keep the rats out. Repairing pipes and clearing out drains to dry out the wet areas is another important tasks. Rats can’t survive without water, and won’t be drawn into a completely dry environment. Clearing out all trash is the next task, as you want to remove all of the rats’ food supplies.

How can Truly Nolen Niagara Help you With Rats in Your Home?

In case that none of the prevention strategies work, hiring pest control company for your Niagara home is the best solution. The experts will choose between exclusion, trapping and exterminating based on property features and the severity of infestation. Depending on the severity of your problem, Truly Nolen Niagara’s technicians will inspect the property, suggest useful adjustments, as well as handle the rodent removal.