Truly Nolen Niagara: Commercial Pest Control Solutions

Commercial pest control in Niagara should be something that extends beyond the here-and-now of the problem and is a process that should be carried out for the benefit and longevity of an effective pest control solution. That’s what the experts here at Truly Nolen are all about. Not only will your pest issues be a thing of the past, but they also won’t be returning any time soon. Trusted since 1938 to take care of any and all residential and commercial pest control issues, Truly Nolen has stood the test of time, and have the track record to back our overwhelming success.

Truly Nolen truly understands the overall cost of a pest infestation. Costing businesses not only thousands worth of damages and possible legal action but also damaging your hard earned reputation. Long-term pest solutions are the goal of Truly Nolen, striving to best serve you with our necessary services for your commercial environment. Truly Nolen specializes in the following commercial pest control solutions throughout Canada: rodent control, bed bug control, wasp and bee services, ant and fly control, bird control, flea and tick services, as well as mosquito mitigation for use by industrial spaces.

Truly Nolen Commercial Solutions

A commercial pest control solution always begins with a thorough inspection of the premises, including areas that may be housing favourable or attractive conditions for nesting and reproduction. Truly Nolen commercial pest control in Niagara uses only the most advanced technologies, customizing your pest control needs to suit your business perfectly. Some of the Truly Nolen commercial pests control features include:

  • Highly trained and local technicians responding quickly to your needs
  • A completely customized pest control plan implemented, and perfectly tailored to the unique needs of your property
  • Regular pest control audits, fulfilling our Quality Assurance that is guaranteed

Truly Nolen is your commercial pest removal and prevention specialist that property managers can rely on to get the job done right. Education and training regarding pest management and control will additionally be provided to the necessary staff members.

The Progressive Pest Program

Multi-unit residential property program is the target of Truly Nolen’s progressive pest program. A nine-step monthly, non-food handling service that is incorporated straight into your Integrated Pest management approach, eradicating most crawling insects, including spiders, ants, crickets, and cockroaches.

Bed Bugs

Early detection of these little bloodsuckers, especially since they are on the rise in Canada, is a must if you are to beat these bugs. Truly Nolen’s technicians take specific steps to eliminate and prevent future bed bugs concerns.


The key to controlling any rodent problem, especially in a multi-unit building, is to keep them out in the first place. Sealing off any rodent-prone entry points, your Truly Nolen technician is an expert at detecting and sealing any area that may cause your business to be vulnerable. Along with this, your technician will remove any rodents that may have already breached your boundary, as well as remove any of their leftover feces, sanitizing the area.

Bees and Wasps

After these threats have been removed, a Truly Nolen technician will place pheromone traps around your premises to deter any further nesting or hiving activities. Interior and exterior hives will be destroyed, and a thorough inspection of the area will be conducted to ensure the problem has been properly and completely resolved.

More than 75 years of scientific research and proven results have made Truly Nolen the pest control powerhouse that we are today. With all this experience, just imagine what we can do for you and your commercial space.