4 Ways You May Be Attracting Spiders To Your Oakville Home’s Exterior

4 Ways You May Be Attracting Spiders To Your Oakville Home's Exterior

Spiders are fascinating creatures that survive in amazing ways when compared to insects. While some spiders may resemble six-legged bugs, these eight-legged creatures are arachnids and belong to a family that includes thousands of different species. However, when you start to notice more spiders than usual around the exterior of your Oakville home, this could mean you are unintentionally attracting them. We at Truly Nolen can assist you with spider pest control in Oakville and offer some valuable information about what attracts spiders and how you can prevent it. 

1. Access To Moisture  

Spiders prefer places with high moisture levels, as although they receive fluids from the prey they consume, they also require fresh water to drink. This is especially true throughout the hotter summer months, where spiders will build webs near water sources like garden fountains, near leaky hose valves or around birdbaths. Water usually also attracts insects, which in turn draws spiders to the area. 

You can manage some outdoor spider control by minimizing how much water is available on your property. Clear away webs and individual specimens when you see them and use landscaping plants that do not require a lot of water. The less standing water you have on your property, the fewer spiders you might attract. 

2. Bright Outdoor Lights 

If you have porch or patio lights you operate at night, then you probably know that light attracts all different types of insects. Flying insects, like moths and mosquitos, are especially drawn to these lights, as are the spiders that prey upon them. You may notice an increase in spider activity in the eaves of your porch or patio doorway as spiders come to take advantage of your home’s outdoor lighting. 

Spider removal in these areas is not always easy to handle on your own, especially if the species inviting themselves over are large or aggressive. You may want to avoid handling any spiders and remove webs with a long-handled broom. Using bulbs with lower wattage to light your porch or patio may help discourage spiders from moving in. 

3. Offering Indoor Access 

If you have gaps in your doorways or torn screens on your windows, you may eventually need indoor spider control as well as around your Oakville home. These access points invite spiders inside, where they might set up shop to hunt common household insects, such as flies and moths. While most species are harmless, some larger spiders may bite when threatened or startled, so keeping them away from your home’s interior can prevent bites from occurring. 

Each spring, check your doors for gaps that may allow spiders to squeeze through and mend or replace window screens. Seal cracks and crevices with foam insulation and remind family members to close doors tightly when entering or leaving the house. 

4. Multiple Nesting Sites 

If your home has a deck, a woodpile for your fireplace and a playground set for your kids, you may be offering spiders prime outdoor nesting sites. Most spiders enjoy dark, quiet spaces and will build webs and create egg sacs on the undersides of porches and decks. They may also nest on or around woodpiles. 

Reducing the number of potential nesting sites can help you manage outdoor spider control. Cover firewood securely and ask our spider control technicians to treat the undersides of pool or patio decks to prevent the spider population around your home from increasing. 

Call Us for Spider Removal 

When you notice an increase in spiders around your home, give us a call. We will send out our experienced technicians with the knowledge and tools that will reduce the population and provide you with additional tips that can help keep spiders away from your home. Contact us today for more information and learn how to keep spiders away from your Oakville home.