“Ah, rats!” a Common Cry from Oakville, ON Residents

Rat's Nest in Oakville, ON

The picture above was taken by one of our technicians during a Truly Nolen visit to a commercial facility in Oakville, Ontario. It shows the inside of a rat bait station that was placed on the building’s exterior by the previous pest control company responsible for the property. These locked boxes are filled with poison and are used to help control the population of rats in and around the building.

But something isn’t quite right with this picture. This bait station is completely filled with leaves and grass and rats are now nesting inside. The company that placed them around the facility had given up on doing proper monitoring. Once the original bait was eaten, this bait station was turned into a cozy home by other rats. Instead of reducing the rat population for their client, this pest control company was providing shelter.

Effective pest management requires regular monitoring and reporting. You can’t just set it and forget it. Truly Nolen Oakville has since removed these abandoned bait stations and set up a secure trapping program with effective bait and a regular monitoring schedule. This will allow us to not only get results, but also provide the client with regular updates so they have peace of mind.


  • Rats reproduce on average every 21 days
  • Because rats are rodents, their teeth never stop growing. This means they will chew anything and everything from wood to wires — potentially causing a fire hazard
  • Rats can squeeze through holes roughly the size of a quarter; mice through holes the size of a dime

The damage that can be caused by mice and rats is significant. If left untreated, mice and rats will chew through walls, destroy insulation and due to their constant defecation leave droppings and urine trails throughout the home.

If you find yourself faced with mouse or rat activity in Oakville, ON, or simply want an expert to take a look at any potential problems on your property, call Truly Nolen Canada at 1-855-878-7859.