Oakville Pest Control: How to Prevent a Spider Infestation in Your Car

Oakville Pest Control How to Prevent a Spider Infestation in Your Car

How do you feel about spiders? Many people have a fear of spiders, but even if you don’t, you might still get creeped out by a spider scrambling across your dash while you’re driving. Spiders can live and possibly thrive inside your vehicle, where they can nest and lay eggs — scared yet? While you might not think it possible, vehicle infestations can occur, and they will often require professional spider removal.

How Spiders Access Car Interiors

According to pest control in Oakville, spiders can easily make their way to your car’s interior, but they likely only choose to in colder weather. During the winter, spiders like to hide inside doors and windows and other nooks and crannies.

If spiders stayed in these hidden locations, you likely wouldn’t notice them, but once you start your car, the vehicle’s vibration forces the spiders to find a more stable place. Therefore, spiders will come inside when the car is running, crawling across the roof, dash, steering wheel, door handle, and center console.

Spiders can also make their way inside your car by way of the engine. Many spiders like to nest under your vehicle’s hood because it provides warmth and tends to catch leaves, which offer ample hiding spaces. From inside the engine compartment, spiders can find their way into the interior spaces of the vehicle.

How To Prevent Spider Infestations in Your Vehicle

It is possible to prevent spiders from getting into your car, but you will unlikely eliminate all access points. However, cleaning under your hood, in door frames, and around windows is an excellent way to reduce the risks of spiders randomly appearing while you’re driving. Experts recommend three ways to reduce your spider passenger risks.

1. Keep Your Car Clutter Free

Spiders love dark, secluded hiding places. A cluttered car is a paradise to a spider, especially if the clutter attracts other insects. You should keep all garbage out of your vehicle and remove any items you don’t use regularly. For example, if you have an unused gym bag that’s been sitting in your backseat for months, take it out.

Also, put a bag in your car to collect trash and other debris as you use your vehicle during the day. Having a bag ready will help you maintain a clutter-free car. You should also vacuum and clean your vehicle every three days to reduce the risks of nests and eggs.

2. Seal Entrances

Spiders do not need a lot of room to get inside your vehicle. Small cracks, worn-out seals, and other broken areas can act as entry points for a curious spider. You can use rubber or other materials to seal damaged spaces, or if you have the money, take your car to a mechanic or body specialist for repairs.

3. Keep Interior Lights Off

Most spiders are active at night, but they are attracted to bright lights because their food is also drawn to lights. Try to keep the interior lights off when parked or driving. If you turn the lights on, you may attract spiders. If you already have spiders in your car, turning the lights on only motivates them to come out of hiding.

How To Find a Licensed Spider Removal Company

If your spider problem is significant, you will want to contact a licensed spider removal company. An infestation usually includes multiple adult spiders and several eggs. If you do not find all the spiders and eggs, the problem will only continue.

If your vehicle seems to be a popular spider hangout, there are likely underlying issues causing the attraction to the space. Contact Truly Nolen Canada to schedule an appointment with licensed technicians.