Oakville Pest Control: Why Are There Ants in My Kitchen?

Oakville Pest Control: Why Are There Ants in My Kitchen?

Avoiding ants isn’t as simple as staying away from ant hills and swarms of bugs when you’re outdoors. Sometimes, ants find you by coming into your home and congregating in your kitchen. Squishing one ant isn’t usually effective since they often are joined by many others. If you have an ant infestation in your home, you need pest control in Oakville from Truly Nolen Canada. We understand the behaviours of these critters and why they often flock to kitchens.

Where Do Ants Live?

Ants are found in nearly every part of the world, except the coldest spots on the planet. During the spring, summer and fall, they are commonly seen outdoors and indoors in people’s homes. Outside, they build nests underground and live in colonies that may have thousands of individual insects. Their homes are easy to spot because of the distinctive anthill that they make at the entrance of their nests. Indoors, they may nest in furniture or inside wall voids.

Why Are They Difficult To Control?

Ants are difficult to control once they get into the home. It’s easy for the tiny ant to crawl into an indoor space because of their small size. Once inside, they look for food and water and recruit worker ants to help get resources. They are very difficult to control and kill due to the nature of an ant infestation. The source of an ant infestation may be a nest outside or one that is deeply hidden under the floors or inside of your home’s walls.

Food and Crumbs

Since ants are small enough to fit through microscopic gaps in your windows, doors and anywhere else, it’s challenging to keep them out for good. The best course of action is to prevent them from sticking around and bringing their friends. Ants often choose to hang out in kitchens due to the wealth of food sources. Any type of food container that has an opening can potentially be infested with ants. Additionally, ants can also find the smallest crumbs and return them to their nests.

Water Sources

Water sources also attract ants and make it much more difficult to get complete carpenter ant removal. In the kitchen, the sink and faucet are the best sources of water for ants. If your kitchen faucet has a drip or if there is a leak in the sink or piping under the counter, an ant infestation is more likely. It’s important to keep your sink completely dry and wipe up any spills.

Pet Bowls

Pet owners often keep their furry friend’s food and water bowls in the kitchen. Both of these bowls may attract ants and sustain an ant colony’s infestation. If you want to prevent ants from returning, you should keep your pet’s food and water in a more secure location or only feed your pet on demand.

Get Top Pest Control in Oakville

It’s vital to make your kitchen less welcoming to ants. Keep your kitchen clean by wiping crumbs and spills up quickly. Put away leftovers right away instead of leaving them out after dinner. Fix leaky faucets to prevent bugs from being attracted to moisture. If you see an ant, reach out to Truly Nolen for complete household ant and carpenter ant pest control that works immediately. This can be much more effective than the frustrating process of trying to kill individual ants yourself.

When you have household ants that keep returning each year or just won’t go away, it’s best to consult the pros at Truly Nolen Canada. We also specialize in removing carpenter ants from your home so you can avoid damage to your wooden structures. Reach out to us for a better solution for pest control.