4 Pest Control Mistakes Richmond Hill Homeowners Make and How to Avoid Them

4 Pest Control Mistakes Richmond Hill Homeowners Make and How to Avoid Them

As summer approaches, pests become more present and cause more of a nuisance in the daily lives of people. Homeowners in particular need to be keenly aware of what pests might invade their property and how best to prevent them from coming around in the first place. Here are four common pest control mistakes that property owners make, and some ways to avoid making them in the first place. If worse comes to worst, home pest control in Richmond Hill professionals can come to the rescue.

1. Failing To Clean the Outside of a Home 

Many people put effort into cleaning the insides of their homes, but neglect to give any thought to keeping the exterior clean. Cleaning the outside of the home is a generally inexpensive and relatively easy way to keep pests away from the house. Some ways that a homeowner can clean the outside of their home include:

  • Spraying down the exterior sidings and windows 
  • Ensuring that there are no puddles of water around the drainage system of the house 
  • Immediately picking up trash and discarded food after hosting a backyard barbeque 
  • Putting garbage in a sealed bin so that pests are less tempted to indulge 

When it comes to controlling pests, it is important for a property owner to clean the outside of a home the same way that they would clean the inside of the house.

2. Ignoring the Issue 

It is often tempting to ignore a pest control issue, even when you know it might eventually cause a larger problem down the road. Many people are repulsed by bugs and insects and wish that they would just go away on their own. However, ignoring the problem can lead to something that is more difficult to deal with had the problem been dealt with earlier, to begin with.

For example, a homeowner who sees ants might choose to ignore them since they are so tiny. However, carpenter ants can cause destruction by chewing on wood in and around the home, which can lead to structural damage. If a homeowner ignores the pest problem to that extent, it is probably best that they call a professional carpenter ant removal service to safely take care of the issue.

3. Not Taking Proactive Measures

The thought of hiring a pest control service is daunting for many homeowners with the time and cost commitment that is generally involved. However, that is one of the most important and proactive steps that a property owner can take to avert a pest control crisis. If cleaning the interior of a home, including mopping floors and clearing away clutter, does not seem to keep bugs away, it might be time to think about other options like hiring a professional.

If a homeowner notices more pests around their home and yard than usual, they might be wise to do some research regarding the species of the critter and learn more about their behaviours. As always, experts always suggest searching for home pest control near me and hiring someone who knows what they are doing in order to deal with existing pest control problems around a property.

4. Using Dangerous Pest Control Methods 

There are many things that can go wrong when a homeowner attempts do-it-yourself methods for pest control. For example, if a homeowner is unsure of where and how to use a certain bug spray, they could unintentionally put their kids or pets in harm’s way by using the spray.

If a homeowner wants to remove pests from their property safely, they should contact a professional pest control service at the first sign of an issue. Acting quickly can minimize the extent of the problem, meaning less damage and lower costs in the long run. Truly Nolen Canada is here and ready to take care of all your pest problems. Give us a call today.