Ensure a Pest-Free Home in Toronto With These Tips

Ensure a Pest-Free Home in Toronto With These Tips

Benjamin Franklin said, guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days. Uninvited guests often don’t even need three days. Most people don’t want pests to stick around even for one minute. To prevent pests from making your home theirs, you’ll need to be vigilant. Keep unwanted roommates out of your home with these tips for residential pest control.

Seal Food Properly

Pests are always on the lookout for food sources. Clean up dirty dishes each night. Wipe down your counters to remove crumbs. Seal bags of food in the pantry, or ensure all opened food goes in sealable containers. If you have pets, don’t leave food out overnight. Being diligent about cleaning your kitchen will prevent pests from making themselves at home. Make sure no one leaves food in their bedrooms. Watch for signs of pests, such as rodent droppings, dead carcasses of bugs or live ants. Professional pest control in Toronto can help you get rid of an infestation.

Repair Leaks

Food and water are the two main draws in your home. Once you clean up the food, look for any places where pests can find water. Even the smallest amount of moisture is inviting to roaches. Watch for small leaks under sinks or near the washing machine controls. Make repairs quickly. Gutters are another place where pests can get water, so keep them clean and leaf-free.

Vacuum and Clean Regularly

Keeping your home clean will help you catch small problems quickly. Mice and other pests love to nest in stacks of cardboard or clothes that haven’t been washed. When you’re cleaning, you may notice signs of pests in your home. You may actually smell a musty odour or another unpleasant aroma when you have some type of pests. You can see chewed wood or nests.

Seal Entry Points

To keep out unwanted visitors, you need to find out where they can get in. Mice can get in through a hole as small as a dime. Insects can get through cracks much smaller, so you’ll need to be a detective. Check these areas:

  • Around the pipes at sinks, the hot water heater, furnaces and the washing machine.
  • Behind appliances.
  • At the fireplace.
  • Floors and baseboards, especially in closets and at the corners.
  • Around the kitchen cabinets and pantry.
  • At windows and doors.
  • Around the foundation.
  • On the roof, chimney and eaves.

Clean Up Outside Garbage

Your garbage is a treasure trove to pests. If you have outside garbage bins, you should ensure the cover fits well. Clean the bins out regularly. Don’t forget to watch your recycling bin, too. Clean your recyclables before putting them in the bin. Your inside garbage can may need regular cleaning as well. The outside of the bin can harbour grime that draws pests.

Keep Landscaping Away From Your Home

Tree branches and limbs are another way that pests can access your home. It’s recommended to keep plants at least 12 inches away from your home’s foundation and walls. Trees and shrubs need at least a 6-foot clearance. Trim them back at the right time in the season. If you feed the birds, keep the feeders away from the house. Also, don’t forget to leave some space between your firewood pile and your home. Some experts recommend at least 20 feet. Pests will nest around your firewood. When you bring in firewood, inspect it and burn it right away.

Contact Truly Nolen if you do have a pest problem. Our professionals offer professional pest control. We identify the pest to find the right solution. We remediate the problem safely and humanely. We work with you to reduce the risk of re-infestation while keeping your family and pets safe.