Keeping the Office Free of Pest Problems in Toronto

Keeping the Office Free of Pest Problems in Toronto

Pests can do hundreds of dollars in damages in just a few weeks when they move into commercial buildings. Birds can damage signage and light fixtures. Termites can destroy wood. Bees and wasps can bite visitors. Cockroaches in your business can damage your reputation. It doesn’t take much for pests to damage your business. Professional pest control in Toronto can be beneficial by having a strategy to deal with pests that might move in.

Preventing Pests in a Commercial Building

Unfortunately, you can’t ever ease up on pest control in Toronto. Every season has its own type of pests looking for safety, housing and food. Mosquitos, flies and ants can be problematic in the summer and fall. By the fall, mice and other rodents are looking for winter quarters. In the spring, you may have termites, carpenter ants or lady beetles who are feeling frisky with the advent of warm weather. Roaches don’t seem to be affected by the weather, so you may have to deal with them all year long. The best way to stay on top of pests in your commercial building is to set up a prevention program.

Designated Areas For Eating

Food and water are two of the biggest draws for pests of all kinds. Set apart a place where staff and customers can eat to reduce the number of places that draw pests. If food is allowed in offices, make sure that it isn’t left open at night. Get everyone on board to make sure no food or drink is left out to attract pests.

Cleaning Protocols

Trash cans are another big draw for pests. Establish a cleaning routine to reduce the problem areas in the office. All trash should be taken out daily. Wipe down counters in the break room. Sweep and clean floors. Provide cleaning supplies to take care of spills. A clean office does not attract pests.

Keep Your Outside Trash Contained

Even if you aren’t a restaurant, you probably have food in your trash. The exterior trash cans should be monitored for signs of pests, just as the inside trash cans are. Spills in the outside trash area need to be cleaned up quickly so they don’t attract pests.

Check the Exterior of Your Building

Pests often make homes in the trees and other foliage around your building. This gives them easier access to your building. You need to pay attention to the debris and plants around your office. Trim back leaves or branches when necessary. Look for small gaps and cracks in the building where pests can get inside. Seal those up to prevent an infestation.

Look For Problem Areas

Have a regular inspection routine to watch for pests. Finding a small nest of bees or wasps before they do a lot of damage can make it easier for professional pest control to mitigate the problem. Office greenery that isn’t taken care of can be a breeding ground for pests. Watch for signs of rodents before they get out of hand. Staying on top of commercial pest control can alleviate larger problems.  

Professional Pest Control

Pests aren’t just a nuisance in the workplace. They make the office uncomfortable. Employees aren’t as productive. Pests make a bad first impression on visitors and vendors. Pests can harm your business reputation. Professional pest control technicians can safely take care of pests in your commercial building to avoid future problems. Once the pests are cleaned up and removed from your property, our technicians can help with exclusionary measures to keep pests from returning. We have eco-friendly control measures that deter pests without impacting your stakeholders.

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