Toronto Pest Control: Are Mice Digging Holes in Your Lawn?

Toronto Pest Control: Are Mice Digging Holes in Your Lawn?

Most homeowners are more concerned about mice getting inside their homes and setting up a nest instead of burrowing in their backyard. Burrowing mice can also wreak havoc on your property if they start digging holes in your lawn. Here at Truly Nolen, we can help you with pest mice control in Toronto to keep these critters from damaging your property, inside and out. Find out why mice digging holes in your lawn can be dangerous to you and your property.

Behind the Behaviour

Field mice that live in the outdoors are constantly looking for food and warm places to nest. In a yard where there aren’t natural places for cover, they may dig holes and create tunnels underground to keep them warm and safe from the elements and predators. Field mice can dig out a network of tunnels throughout your yard to give them access to places like the garden, under trees and near a water source so they don’t have to run out in the open and risk getting caught or attacked.

Signs of Mice

The signs of a mice infestation in your yard may be hard to notice at first. The first place to look for signs of mice living in your yard is your garden. If you have vegetables or fruit growing, mice will often nibble on whatever is edible. Gardeners may see tiny chew marks on their ripe vegetables and fruit if there is a mouse problem. They may also cause damage to trees, grass and bushes with their teeth and digging. Additionally, if you step in holes in your yard and notice burrows or tunnels, it may be field mice.

Why Digging Is Dangerous

Mice digging holes in your yard can lead to some hazardous conditions, especially for playing children and pets. A network of holes and tunnels makes your yard uneven and causes tripping hazards for anyone walking around on the grass. Additionally, mice can carry disease and other germs to and from your vegetable and fruit garden and contaminate your lawn and growing food. A mouse infestation in your yard can also lead to mice in the house.

Prevention Strategies

There are several ways homeowners can keep their yard less enticing to a family of field mice and possibly prevent an infestation. First, it’s important to keep up with regular grass mowing and bush trimming so there aren’t any hiding places for small critters. Keep trash secure with garbage cans that have lids and store pet food and other items that are edible indoors. Pick up ripe fruit and vegetables immediately if you have a garden instead of letting them sit on the ground. If you have a composting bin, store it away from your home’s perimeter and make sure the space is clean and free of debris.

Effective Pest Mice Control in Toronto

The most effective way you can keep mice from destroying your property and digging up your yard is to contact a skilled animal control company, such as Truly Nolen. Setting traps up yourself to catch mice and eliminate an infestation often leads to frustration and wasted time. Instead, let our expert technicians use their background and knowledge to develop an effective plan to keep mice out of your yard. Field mice can breed and multiply with staggering numbers and speed, so don’t delay.

When you need quick pest mice control in Toronto, look to Truly Nolen. Our proven strategies to remove mice from your home or your yard can help you get back to enjoying your space again. Keep these critters and their digging from ruining your summer gatherings and cookouts.