Toronto Pest Control: Does Every Spider Have Eight Eyes?

Toronto Pest Control: Does Every Spider Have Eight Eyes?

Many myths and legends surround spiders, some of which are true. One of these is that all spiders have eight eyes. However, there is one example of myth not based in reality. In fact, there are many different types of spiders with varying numbers of eyes. Depending on the kind of spider it is and the purpose the eyes play in the spider’s life, there could be a different number of eyes than the customary eight that people are familiar with traditionally. Find out whether or not spiders need all eight eyes to thrive and who to call for spider pest control in Toronto

Why Do Spiders Have So Many Eyes?

Despite having eight eyes, spiders cannot see in all directions simultaneously. They have two forward-facing and six other eyes that can look up or down. They can focus on whatever is in front of them without forfeiting their view of what is behind them. Having additional vision fields makes them better able to avoid predators. 

How Do Spider Eyes Work?

Spider eyes are set in pairs so that spiders can communicate with each other. By looking at the eyes of another spider, they can determine what kind of food or danger is nearby. This type of communication is significant for spiders that live in groups, as they can’t always rely on their senses of smell and hearing to tell them what’s going on.

Do Different Eyes Have Different Purposes?

One of the most impressive abilities of spiders is their eyes. Scientists believe that each set of eyes on a spider’s head has a specific purpose. Some spiders use their eyes to see in the dark, while others use them to sense danger. For example, the set of eyes on the bottom of a spider is meant to help the spider navigate in the dark. Others believe that the location of eyes on the front of a spider is used to capture prey or avoid the newspaper rolled up and ready to swat them for indoor spider control. Still, others believe that the set of eyes on top of a spider is used for hunting prey.

Different eyes in spiders also allow for additional hunting and foraging strategies. While many orb-weavers use two small eyes on the top of their heads, some tarantulas and wolf spiders have enormous eyes that give them a better sense of vision in the dark. Some jumping spiders have eyes on the tips of their front legs that function as radar to help them locate prey. Most male spiders also use their eyes to see females during mating since the process has been known to be deadly occasionally.

How Many Different Number of Eyes Do Spiders Have?

Certain spiders have different numbers of eyes. Some spiders have eight eyes, some have six, and scientists have speculated that others could have even more because there’s absolutely no reason ever to sleep again, right? Scientists don’t know why different spiders have different numbers of eyes, but they think it might have something to do with how the spiders have evolved over the years and how well they can see in different conditions for different purposes. 

The spider with the least amount of eyes actually has no eyes at all. Scientists have studied a variation of a Hunstman spider in the caves of Laos that see very little light at all, and this species has adapted to the environment altogether. The Laos cave Sinopoda Scurion spider has no eyes at all. 

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