Toronto Pest Control: The Many Dangers of a Cockroach Infestation

Toronto Pest Control: The Many Dangers of a Cockroach Infestation

When most people think about cockroaches, they imagine messy kitchens and grimy floors. Despite the pervasiveness of the myth, cockroaches do not only infest filthy locations. Like most pests, cockroaches infest places with easy access to food, water, and shelter. The primary issue with the insects is their persistent and survivalist nature, which is why cockroach treatment in Toronto is usually necessary to rid a location of the bugs.

Many people are ashamed of having to call a pest control company to treat cockroaches because they fear judgment. Legitimate and professional services never judge any business owner because they understand the motivations behind infestations are natural.
Property owners should not worry about others opinions. The crucial thing is to resolve the problem before the pests cause extensive damage or health risks.

Why Commercial Cockroach Control is Necessary

Commercial pest control in Toronto is essential to eliminating a cockroach problem. The insects are invasive and notoriously tricky to get rid of.

Some commercial property owners may try DIY remediation efforts to limit publicity, but these efforts rarely, if ever, resolve the root of the infestation. DIYers usually enter a constant battle of reinfestation, leading to prolonged issues and severe risks to the business or operation. Discover the three reasons professional pest control is essential to eliminating cockroach infestations.

1. Health Risks

The primary danger of cockroaches comes from allergic and asthmatic reactions to the insect’s exoskeletons and fecal matter. Roach nymphs, the immature form of the cockroach, shed several exoskeletons as they become adults. The skeleton dries, becoming brittle, and it can become airborne. Dried fecal matter can also become airborne. Each element is then free to be inhaled by any customer or employee.

People who are allergic or have asthma are most susceptible to health complications. Commercial facilities that neglect to treat the insects and know about the problem can be held liable for damages.

2. Reproduction Rates

Female cockroaches lay eggs about 16 times in 10 months. Each egg sac can hold as many as 48 roach nymphs. That means a single male and female cockroach can be responsible for around 768 cockroaches in less than a year.

Now, consider that a typical colony can have between 3 and 300 cockroaches. It becomes clear why professional cockroach removal is necessary. Without intervention, a commercial property can easily become overwhelmed by insects.

DIY solutions are ineffective because cockroaches are excellent hiders. The insects are nocturnal. During the day, they stay relatively still in their hiding places, usually under furniture, kitchen appliances, behind wall plates, ceiling tiles, and numerous other areas. Professional pest control services are excellent seekers with the treatments and tools to resolve the problem.

3. Business Interruptions

Businesses dealing in food or health, such as restaurants and hospitals, cannot afford to have an infestation. Cockroaches will shut a business down because they represent a significant health risk to customers and patients.

If a business knows they have cockroaches, they should close temporarily of their own accord; having a health inspector close you down is never good. Pest control services can make quick progress on the infestation, allowing companies to return to business as usual.

Hire Truly Nolen Canada for Cockroach Treatment in Toronto

Professional pest control services have the proper knowledge, experience, and tools to eradicate an infestation. Also, when working with companies like Truly Nolen Canada, you receive a service guarantee and commitment. Annual service contracts with Truly Nolen come with four-season protection against all pests. Contact Truly Nolen Canada to discuss cockroach removal and schedule a property inspection.