Toronto Pest Removal: Common Reasons There Are Ants in Your Bedroom

Toronto Pest Removal: Common Reasons There Are Ants in Your Bedroom

A bedroom is a sanctuary, a place to rest without the worries and cares of the outside world. A quick way to interrupt that rest is with carpenter ants marching all over your floor, sheets, and walls. If the ants are visible in your space, you will need to contact carpenter ant removal in Toronto.

Carpenter ants are among the largest ant species and the most destructive. The insects burrow into wood to create colonies, and despite that one similarity with termites, the ants don’t eat wood. They chew through wood, preferably damp wood, to build tunnels, colonies, and satellite colonies.

Given the nature of carpenter ants, they are challenging to eliminate and remove without the help of professionals. If you see carpenter ants in your bedroom, you likely have an infestation, which is bad for your house.

3 Reasons There Are Ants in Your Bedroom

Carpenter ants are primarily found outside of your house and inside wooden structures. The only reason ants peruse the inside of your home is when searching for food or other suitable wood for colonization.

Depending on the number of carpenter ants in your bedroom, they may be exploring and searching or have found what they were looking for. If you find several ants in your room, it is likely because of at least one of three reasons.

1. Food

The primary job of a foraging ant is to find food for the colony — its life is dedicated to finding an adequate food source. Ants do not need a lot of food to survive; crumbs are sufficient.

If you frequently bring snacks or meals into your bedroom, you likely leave crumbs on your floors and other surfaces. Ants will find these crumbs and return for more.

If your room often provides crumbs or food scraps, ants will continue to frequent the space. Even if you start vacuuming and cleaning your room daily, the insects will remember that your room once provided a steady food source.

To prevent ants in your bedroom, vacuum or sweep every day. Also, if you have a garbage can in your room, empty it every evening. Keep your room as clean and crumb-free as possible.

2. Moisture

Like all living things, ants need water to survive, but not much. Several ants can survive on only a few drops of water per day. While the apparent locations for water in your house are the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room, bedrooms may also present opportunities for a fresh supply.

If your bedroom has an en suite, or if you bring water to bed, ants will find it. To keep the insects out of your room and bathroom, ensure faucets are completely off and remove glasses of water daily. If you still notice ants, you may have a leak in a hidden pipe. Contact local carpenter ant removal services to get to the bottom of your infestation.

3. Nearby Colony

Ants can travel hundreds of feet from their colony in search of food but tend to search the closest areas first. If your bedroom is close to the entrances and exits of a carpenter ant colony, the insects will likely frequent your room regardless of how clean it is.

Unfortunately, with the insects, knowing how to get rid of carpenter ants is only half the battle. Because colonies are deep within wooden structures, it is nearly impossible to eliminate or remove them with professional assistance.

Professional Carpenter Ant Removal Services for Homeowners

Experiencing a carpenter ant infestation? Reach out to Truly Nolen Canada for professional carpenter ant removal services in Toronto. Our team will conduct a thorough inspection of your property to assess the severity of the issue. We will then provide you with detailed estimates and guide you through the most suitable options tailored to your needs as a homeowner. Contact us today with any questions you may have.