Toronto Pest Removal: Why We Should Appreciate Rodents

Why We Should Appreciate Rodents

People usually only think about rodents when they invade their living spaces. In these cases, the homeowner contacts mice removal services to make the pest problem go away. Out of sight and out of mind is how most people prefer mice and rats to be. However, these creatures have many redeeming qualities once people look past the annoyances and dangers they pose. Here are a few reasons to appreciate rodents, as well as some guidance on how to handle them.

Rodents Are Smart

Rodents routinely surpass people in certain cognitive tests given by scientists, and rats are considered to be one of the smartest animals out there. In fact, it is for this reason that rodent control in Toronto is so difficult. Animals such as mice and rats can sense when something changes, like in the case of humans wanting to trap them, and adjust their behaviours accordingly to lessen their chances of getting caught. Exercising caution is one way that these small critters keep themselves safe from larger predators.

People who have rodents as pets know that you can train them and teach them tricks, just like people do with dogs. For someone who has mice or rats, it is important that they make available mentally stimulating games and activities such as mazes for the animals.

Rodents Can Laugh

Because humans generally do not interact directly with mice and rats, not many people realize that rodents can laugh. If someone is friendly with a rodent, they can give the animal a tickle in order to potentially hear their squeaky laughter. It can be fun to try and see what makes a particular rodent laugh.

Mice and Rats Balance the Ecosystem

While rodents can be a hazard when they occupy a house or other living space, they greatly benefit the natural environment. Some of the things that they do in their natural habitats include:

  • Dispersing spores and seeds for new plant growth
  • Consuming garbage and other matter that would otherwise take years to decompose
  • Being a food source for other animals, keeping the balance of species in check 

While it is the first instinct of many people to kill rodents, it is important to keep in mind that they are an important part of the fragile ecosystem.

Rodents Are Affectionate

While some people avoid rodents out of disgust and assume that they are mean, the truth is that rodents are quite affectionate. Pet rats and mice that are confirmed to have no diseases can make great cuddle partners, just like a dog or cat. Studies have also shown that rats are capable of showing empathy, or the ability to relate to the thoughts and feelings of another creature. Rodents, for example, can tell when another rodent is feeling pain or distress.

Things To Keep in Mind

While there are numerous benefits to having rodents as part of the ecosystem, it is still important to remember the risks that come with handling these creatures. Rats and mice can carry diseases through their urine and feces, as well as through biting humans and other animals. A rodent infestation in the home can be particularly dangerous because rats and mice chew on wires, which can lead to a fire if the wires get too frayed.

Pest control in Toronto can help you safely and effectively manage a rodent problem in the home. Because mice are so intelligent, it is easy for people who are unaccustomed to trapping rodents to do more harm than good.

While we should appreciate rodents, it is also important to be aware of their dangers. Contact Truly Nolen Canada if you hear scratching in the walls or see evidence of rodent droppings in your home.