Vaughan Pest Control: Are There Mice In Your Stove?

Vaughan Pest Control: Are There Mice In Your Stove?

Mice love to invade houses. Residential properties offer plenty of opportunities for food, water, and shelter. The kitchen is likely a mouse’s favourite location in a home because this is where the stove and cooktop live. If you find mice lurking in your kitchen or suspect scurrying little footpads around your oven, call mice removal in Vaughan.

Mice love a stove because it is a source of food and warmth. The critters may nest near the pilot light or in the wall cavity behind the oven. At night, when you’re sleeping, mice are likely finding their way in and around your stove to take advantage of any little food scraps leftover from dinner.

While a nuisance, any homeowner can see why mice are drawn to the kitchen and the shiny appliance that is the stove. The trick is to prevent the rodents and deter them, but how?

4 Tips To Keep Mice Out of Your House and Stove

Mice represent a significant health and safety risk to you and your family. Learning how to keep mice out of house appliances, such as stoves, and rooms is in everyone’s best interests, including the rodents. Homeowners can take four approaches to rodent prevention, but all options likely lead to pest control services, especially with an existing problem.

1. Seal Entrances

Homeowners must seal all exterior entrances into their houses. They must ensure that doors and windows do not offer any gaps and that all cracks and holes are sealed with exterior sealants or hardware mesh.

The problem with the DIY approach to sealing entrances is homeowners are likely to miss several openings. Mice can squeeze through openings the size of a pen’s diameter. It is easy to glance over such minuscule holes.

Another problem with sealing entrances before hiring a pest control service is you may accidentally seal mice inside your walls. Trapped mice will die and stink up your living space. It is best to hire professionals to seal your property.

2. Keep Oven Clean

Protecting your oven is easier than sealing openings around your property. The best way to keep rodents away is to keep the appliances clean. You want to wipe down the oven’s inside and the top burners after every use. Ensuring no crumbs and food scraps in or on the stove means mice have no reason to snoop around.

If you hire mice removal in Vaughan, they can inspect your appliances to ensure they are free and secure of mice. Mice can also infiltrate dishwashers, refrigerators, and other appliances that might house or contain food.

3. Maintain a Clean Kitchen

Cleanliness is the best prevention of mouse infestations. You want to keep the kitchen counters, floors, and other surfaces clean, disinfected, and free of food waste. Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink. Do not allow trash to stay inside overnight. Pull the stove and refrigerator out occasionally and clean underneath. If mice cannot find food easily, they will move on.

4. Hire a Professional

Sometimes, mice require a professional eviction. The problem with mice is that they can go unnoticed in small numbers. When you start noticing signs of the rodents in your kitchen or when you see them running along walls or hiding in drawers, you likely already have an infestation.

Professional Mice Removal Services in Vaughan

Mice love residential kitchens, especially the stoves. The appliance is a symbol of warmth and food. Keeping mice away is about maintaining a clean and clutter-free home. It is also about working with mice removal in Vaughan before rodent populations become unwieldy. Contact Truly Nolen Canada to discuss rodent prevention and removal and to schedule a property assessment. You may also want to ask about the service’s four-season treatment plan.