Vaughan Pest Control: Is It Dangerous To Have Carpenter Ants In Your Home?

Dangerous To Have Carpenter Ants

It is common to come across the occasional ant, especially when outdoors. Still, even noticing a small ant in your house can be a minor pest that went through an open door or window, nothing to be alarmed about. However, as any carpenter ant removal expert in Vaughan can attest, you should be slightly alarmed if you see a single carpenter ant or more in your home. 

While it is possible the ants travelled from elsewhere and found their way into your kitchen, it is unlikely. Carpenter ants get their name from burrowing into wooden structures. If you do not have any wood near your houses, such as a bench, tree stump, or old shed, the carpenter ants are likely coming from the house’s wood structure. While the problem is not irreparable, there are several reasons you should act quickly to call a licensed removal service. 

1. Structural Damage

The primary concern with a carpenter ant infestation is structural damage. Carpenter ants build complex structures through the wood. Unlike termites and some other wood burrowing insects, carpenter ants do not eat the wood; they excavate it, forming smooth round tunnels and chambers to house their colonies. 

If a carpenter ant infestation is left untreated, the colony will continue to expand, and the structure of your home will become vulnerable. The more tunnels snaking their way through wooden support beams, the weaker the structure gets. Posts can fail, and houses can become compromised. 

2. Personal Injury

While an ant does not present a significant threat to humans on a one-to-one scale, the colony can create complications. A single ant might be a nuisance, and it can hurt someone if it “bites;” however, the real risk to people comes from the lacking integrity of the house. 

If a colony creates enough tunnels and caverns in the house’s structure, the integrity of the building is brought into question. While it might be hard to believe, carpenter ants can bring down a home with enough time. A building or house collapse has great potential for injury. Because of the inherent risks of wood burrowing insects, it is vital to find a licensed and insured specialist to remediate the problem, ensuring confidence in your home’s build. 

3. Colony Evolution

If carpenter ants are given enough time, they will expand their colony. What started out as a sort of fact-finding or resource-finding activity for the ants evolved into a home. The ants will continue to populate the post, eventually building more tunnels and spaces for eggs and nests.  

If the infestation is not dealt with swiftly, a small colony will rapidly balloon outward into several satellite colonies, all within the same house structure. The more colonies develop, the weaker your home becomes. With a multitude of satellite colonies, the structural integrity of your home is brought into question.  

Do not let your home become a victim of persistent colonization. If you see ants in your house, you need to determine the level of threat they present. It would be best to consider hiring a professional service to assess the problem and determine its origins. 

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