York Pest Control: Common Places Birds Nest Around Your Home

Common Places Birds Nest Around Your Home

With their beautiful plumage and lovely songs, birds can be pleasant visitors — as long as they stay outside. Unfortunately, these feathered friends will enter your home if there’s a way to do so, usually in search of shelter or food. Even worse, they may decide to stay and raise a family. When that happens, you must find professional bird removal in York, as it’s too dangerous to attempt it yourself.

Some good news: With a little knowledge, you can spot signs of a bird nest before the inhabitants do significant damage. You can even bird-proof your house to keep nesters away for good. The key is listening to advice from bird control professionals.

What Homeowners Should Know About Bird Removal Services

Birds don’t mean to damage property, but they inevitably do. Nests clog up vents, leading to poor airflow and HVAC damage; birds may also pull apart insulation for nesting material. Their droppings may be the worst danger, as they can cause the following:

  • Corrosion due to their acidic nature
  • Falls if residents slip on puddles
  • Illness, as birds can pass diseases through their droppings

To avoid these dangers, watch for signs of these interlopers. Collections of feathers, nesting materials and feces usually mean you have several birds making themselves at home. You and your family may also develop small red bumps and itchiness, which are signs of mites, insects that commonly infect birds.

Most Common Nesting Sites

When you schedule professional bird removal services, the exterminators will ask for as much information as possible, including the location of the nests. Birds tend to gravitate toward certain spots due to their easy outside access and shelter from the elements:

  • Attics
  • Chimneys
  • Downspouts
  • Gutters
  • Windowsills

While you may find a nest in the open, most birds seek nooks with limited access. These crannies keep them safe from predators — and humans. As a result, you may need expert help to find the source of your bird problems.

Best Bird-Proofing Tips

Keeping birds from nesting is less expensive than removing them. According to companies offering bird removal, homeowners can deter birds from roosting with a few simple tips.

First, don’t invite these avian visitors with bird baths or feeders. While bird watching can be enjoyable, practicing this hobby in nature is better than luring pests into your backyard. Once word is out that your property is a reliable source of food, they’ll come flocking — and some may decide to stay.

Second, seal potential entry points. Vents are a common one, especially those leading to the attic. Screens are the best way to keep these bird-free, as they still allow ventilation. If you have a chimney, consider installing a cap to keep birds and other curious critters from climbing inside.

Finally, talk to a professional about decoys, which can trick birds into believing a predator guards your property. Various species have different predators, and an expert can advise the best strategy for your area.

Professional Pest Control Benefits

Choosing professional bird removal provides peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about missing an entry point, wrangling a dirty nest or cleaning up afterward. There’s also no risk of accidentally harming a protected species, as the experts can identify endangered birds and respond accordingly.

Professionals can also inspect your property for potential attractions and set up deterrents. Their years of experience and training help them spot issues you may have never noticed.

Where To Find Bird Removal in York

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