Mice in Your Mississauga Home?

Most of us are aware of the minimal space needed for a mouse to enter into a home. They are able to enter through gaps the size of a dime, weeping vents, piping and other vulnerable spots on the exterior of a home.

However, once a mouse has entered your home (and made it their home), the possibilities are endless as to the places it will go. Up wall cavities, following plumbing pipes under floors and inside ceilings — even into your attic. This video was shot in a home in Mississauga, Ontario where we found mice tunnels in the insulation:

Mice aren’t like you and me, where insulation makes us itchy and uncomfortable. In fact, mice LOVE insulation. It’s perfect for making nests and staying warm when the temperature drops. Because mice are so small, they make very little noise when burrowing into insulation, so unless you are performing regular attic inspections to look for evidence of a mouse, the odds are that you won’t even know they are up there.

Besides the headache of having a mouse in your home, once inside, they tend to reproduce rather quickly. In a matter of a few weeks, you could have double or even tripled the number of mice that are coming and going from your home.

Some obvious signs of mice are droppings, chewing and grease stains on small openings in walls and other crevices. Take a look around your home to see if you can find any evidence of these critters.