More Bed Bug Myths Quashed

The myths that have been built-up and spread around about bed bugs over the ages are enough to make some people cry. These man-made myths paint a rather vivid picture of some blood-sucking terrors that are going to haunt your every sleepless night. At their core, these stories are just that, stories. Exaggerated to scare little boys and girls, and embellished with a little extra detail just for kicks.  Here we are going to take a look at some of these legendary, yet untrue, myths about bed bugs to bring you up to speed and leave you better informed. Knowing your enemy is half the battle, and Truly Nolen Pest Control understands that well.

Myth #1: They Live Among Dirty People

This myth is most certainly not true. Bed bugs can and are found everywhere throughout the home, and are not deterred by the state of hygiene or cleanliness. They are constantly on the search for their next meal and have no problem travelling to get it. Bed bugs can be found from hotel rooms and movies theatres to public transport, laundry facilities, and even single-family homes, often catching lifts via a backpack, shoe, or some luggage.

Myth #2: The Cannot Live in Snowy Canada

This is another myth that has been debunked. Bed bugs are exceptionally resilient creatures and have been found to live quite comfortably in temperatures ranging from as low as -10C to as high as 45C. Furthermore, in colder climates, the bed bug has the ability to survive for an entire year without any food or water. Canada has dubbed Toronto as its bed bug capital.

Myth #3: They Only Attack You in Your Sleep

This is another one of those untrue tales regarding bed bugs. Although they are mainly nocturnal, thus feeding mainly at night, they will come out for a daytime meal if hunger demands it. Don’t let their name fool you, bed bugs are not limited to living in your bed, and can be found in many of the most common and frequently used areas of your home. These include: wardrobes, drawers and nightstands, the seam of your mattress, under wallpaper and light switches, inside the phone and stereo, as well as under loose carpets.

Myth #4: They Spread Disease

Although this is not true, it is a common misconception. Bed bugs can however cause skin irritation that can become red, itchy, and inflamed once a person has been bitten. Studies have shown that there are more psychological diseases related to bed bugs. Those being an increase in severe psychological issues such as anxiety and depression found in those related to bed bug infestations.

Myth or Not, Bed Bugs Require the Experts

Even though the myths of the legendary bed bug have turned out to be not so true, they are still a pest that should not be left to roam freely within your home. Truly Nolen understands this and have the necessary knowledge and expertise to completely manage and eliminate any bed bug problems that you may have.