Niagara Pest Control: Bird Feeders Attract Rats

Bird Feeders Attract Rats

You’ve probably hung those bird feeders in the yard because you want to see some interesting birds and help them get the food they need. You probably didn’t assemble them to attract rats to your yard and support the local rodent community too. Unfortunately, rats will eat just about anything and if you don’t take proper care of that bird feeder, your generous act could be doing more harm than good.

We’re going to look at the role that bird feeders play with residential pest control issues in Niagara. We use the town of Welland as an example, and look at why rats are becoming such a problem in the region.

Bird Feeder Restrictions

Many people believe that there’s a direct link between the number of bird feeders and the local rat population. And in some ways, they’re right. A single bird feeder in your yard, when properly maintained and taken care of, shouldn’t cause any harm. You’ll be supporting the local birdlife and might enjoy their colourful presence on your property.

When you fail to take care of those feeders, things can get a little…rat-infested. Some residents in the town of Welland have complained that neighbours have an excessive amount of bird feeders and that those bird feeders are wreaking havoc by attracting rats. Do they have a point?

Some residents claim they’ve seen up to 15 bird feeders in a single yard, and that’s when it becomes a problem. Many people struggle to properly care for 1 bird feeder – never mind 15! Bird feeders spill a lot of food on to the ground below them. This makes for an easy, quick meal for rats. 

If bird feeders aren’t maintained, rats will also be able to climb trees and structures to get to them. They’ll be able to eat any spills on the surface and chew through any holes to get to the food.

This has become such a problem that local authorities in Welland are considering whether they should introduce restrictions on the number of bird feeders that residents are permitted to have on their property.

What’s the Problem With Bird Feeders?

When bird feeders aren’t regularly maintained, they could potentially become an easy food source for rats. City rats don’t exist without human beings – they use our homes, our foods and our lifestyles to their benefit. They simply couldn’t survive in the wild.

These incredibly clever creatures will take any opportunity they can for a quick bite. When spilled seeds aren’t cleaned up, rats may arrive sooner than you realize. One good piece of advice is to regularly clean your bird feeder and check for any holes in its structure. You only want this food to be accessible to birds.

You might consider bringing the bird feeder indoors at night and limiting the number of feeders in your yard. If you don’t, then local Niagara councilors might listen to residential pest control advice and take that decision out of your control altogether. 

Rodent Problems

Bird feeders might not be helping the situation, but they aren’t the sole reason for rats making their way onto your property. As we’ve already mentioned, rats depend on humans for food. This means that if you fail to store your food waste correctly or leave them with easy access to your home, they’ll take advantage of that.

Make sure that you do everything you can to prevent rats from getting access to food on your property. Whether that means regularly cleaning your bird feeders or cleaning up your waste storage area, we highly recommend it. Otherwise, you’re going to need to call the residential pest control experts at Truly Nolen Niagara.