Notorious Insects That May Invade Your Home

Notorious Insects that may Invade Your Home

Just like everywhere else in the world, not all insects in Canada are not created equal. While some insects are famous – for reasons good and bad – others are almost unheard of. Some insects are simply more notorious because when they appear inside your home, you need pest control as soon as possible. Other insects could live in your home for their entire life without you seeing them once.

We’re not going to identify and discuss the behaviour of every single Canadian insect in today’s article – there would never be enough time! Instead, we’re going to have a look at some of the most common pest control offenders in Canadian homes this winter. With that new information, you should become a little more familiar with the pests and know exactly what to do if you ever come across them.

Some of Canada’s Most Notorious Insects

But it’s not all doom and gloom this winter! Of the many thousand insect species found in Canada, only a fraction of them will attempt to invade your home. With the information in this article and a little common sense, you should be able to reduce the likelihood of even the most notorious insects making their way inside your home. And, if they do somehow find their way inside, you’ll know that Truly Nolen will always be here to help with your pest control problem.


There are surprisingly high numbers of spiders in Canada. Some of these, like house spiders, are completely harmless. Other spiders, like black widow spiders, are a different story altogether. Make sure you can identify the spider you find. Get a bite from a dangerous one and it would be bad news.

Stink Bugs 

Stink bugs are more interested in farms and fruit trees during the summer. But as soon as the temperatures drop, you’ll find these foul-smelling pests desperately trying to make their way inside your home for warmth and shelter. Be warned – once crushed you’ll definitely know what you’re dealing with.


Astonishingly, there are more than 100 species of ants in Canada. If you’re lucky, you won’t come across any at all. But these hard-working foragers will find even the tiniest of food crumbs and infiltrate your home. In the worst case, species like carpenter ants might even eat your home inside out.

Deer Flies 

Deer flies probably didn’t even mean to get inside your home – but you’ll know all about it when they do. They survive on human and animal blood and certainly prefer warm conditions. You need to remove deer flies as soon as you can, otherwise the painful bites could cause an allergic reaction. 


Although ticks are a constant nuisance when you’re camping, hiking, and enjoying the great outdoors, they aren’t likely to invade your home willingly. Instead, you or your pet are likely to bring them inside with you. Be sure to remove ticks completely and if you suspect they’ve breached skin for more than 24 hours, contact medical professionals immediately.

Asian Long-horned Beetles 

These beetles have caused unthinkable damage throughout Canada. They’re particularly keen on maple trees and they’re thought to have wiped out millions of dollar’s worth of trees. If you find them inside your home, contact the authorities right away – they’ll want to make sure that the beetles don’t spread to nearby maple populations.

Pest Control with Truly Nolen

No matter what you find inside your home, our Truly Nolen pest control team are here to help. If you have any doubts about your uninvited house guest, get in touch with our local team and we can help you identify the insect before we arrive and remove it for you.