Opening the cottage and things to look out for.

Many of our cottages are in areas with high wildlife populations. The middle of the woods is the perfect tranquille place to enjoy some a relaxing weekend. However, there are lots of things to watch out for when spending time so close to mice, rats and insects. Upon your first cottage visit of the season you might notice rodents or insects living in the area to avoid the cold winter temperatures. Pest nests are the last thing you want to deal with when you’re trying to relax this summer.

Animal poo in cottage

This is one of the first signs there have been animals living in your vacant cottage. Mice and rats might have made the space their own, roaming the building at their own free will. Droppings are an easy identifier to if you have any sort of infestation concern. One or two small droppings might not be worth worrying too much about. But, large collections of feces could be a real concerns. This means there could be a nest nearby. Mouse droppings are small dark pellets resembling rice. If you find this you might want to have a closer look at the area and try to identify any problems.

Search for points of entry.

Pests can easily fit through tiny holes in exterior walls of your cottage. If you haven’t properly sealed every crack and hole, then you might have rodent problems. An entry point for rodents is easy to identify due to the worn edge or grease that mice and rats leave when brushing against objects. It’s best to try and fix these issues in the fall before closing the cottage for the winter. But, when you first get up there in the spring have a walk around. Look and see if there are any potential points of entry.

Things to consider checking when opening the cottage.

Look to make sure there hasn’t been any damage to the property. There could be fallen trees or power lines due to heavy snow or winds. They could have fallen through the roof of your cottage and made the area incredibly unsafe. Always check to make sure the area is safe before entering the cottage.

Make sure there isn’t anything blocking the chimney or electrical lines. Once you get the cottage started this may cause issues with air flow. A blocked chimney or electrical lines could cause a fire.

Make sure nothing has started to live under the deck. Have a look under the cottage. Sometimes larger pests might have built their nest down there. It’s best to remove any potential infestations.

Inspect in the cupboard and closets for mice droppings. Rodents can sneak into tight spaces and the might be running through cupboards in the kitchen to get food that might have fallen behind appliances.

Look at ceiling and walls for water leaks. Water damage to a building could be one of the worst things you can have. Once there’s moisture, mold can spread and it can do serious damage to your cottage.

Oakville Pest Control

It’s never a good idea to take infestation removal into your own hands. Many things can go wrong with DIY wildlife removal. So, even up at the cottage if you discover signs of pest infestation contact Truly Nolen Pest Control.