Pest Control: Differences Between Cockroaches and Water Bugs

Differences Between Cockroaches and Water Bugs

Bed bug or flea? Termite or carpenter ant? Rat or mouse? The fight against pests can seem like an endless battle, and here at Truly Nolen pest control, we know all about that. But do you know exactly which pest just scuttled across your kitchen floor? Did you see the size, shape, and colour of that bug before you ran away in disgust? It might be worth your time to figure out what you’re dealing with. If you know your new enemy’s habits, diets, and weaknesses, then you’ll be able to help the problem. Regardless, our technicians at Truly Nolen will know how to deal with your new pest problem.

Cockroach or Water Bug?

There are a lot of insects commonly confused with cockroaches. One of the bugs most commonly confused with cockroaches is the water bug. While they may be similar in appearance, they’re very different insects. To the untrained eye, they look the same. Water bugs, however, are noticeably larger than cockroaches. 

They live in different places too. Cockroaches may enjoy living in dark, moist areas, but they won’t spend much time actually in the water. They’ll stick to dry land and do their feeding there. And yes, you’ve already guessed – water bugs spend the majority of their time in the water. This is where they’re at their most dangerous and they’ll do the majority of their hunting there.

Cockroaches and water bugs also eat from different menus. Cockroaches will eat just about anything they can find. Water bugs, on the other hand, are brutal hunters and feed on other smaller insects. Their powerful bite stuns and liquifies other insects so that water bugs can feed on their insides. Sometimes, when threatened, the water bugs will use that bite on you and it can be very painful. Cockroaches tend to flee in the company of human beings. 

For this reason, they’re very different insects. Cockroaches can infiltrate and infect your home whereas water bugs are more likely to come-and-go. Generally, water bugs aren’t really considered a problem which requires pest control.

We Understand Pests Year-Round

At Truly Nolen, we adapt to the different behaviours of pests year-round. Whether you find an infestation in the summer of spring, we know how to approach the situation.

Spring is the time when pests are most active. They’re looking to increase their numbers exponentially and we’ll focus on their breeding patterns. We have a specific material application which we apply to the exterior of your home to make sure that they don’t get the chance to reproduce.

In summer, pests are at their strongest. With the long hours of daylight, they can scavenge, hunt and eat well. We use fast-acting products to match their newfound strength and speed during the summer months.

As fall comes around and the temperatures drop, insects will be looking for warmer, more comfortable nests. That’s likely to be inside your home. We build barriers around your home to protect you. We’ll also guard against the pathways and trails the pests are likely to use to infiltrate your home.

And we don’t forget winter either. Any insects that do manage to make their way into your home will face our natural defenses, perfectly placed to prevent them from settling there. Our long-term approach keeps the pests out of your home year-round.

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