Pest control in a townhouse

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Most houses have issues with rodents and other pests. It’s quite uncommon to have a house that doesn’t have evidence of mice or other small pests. However, every house is different and has a different strategy for removing any infestations. A single detached home can have many of the exterior sealed off, so pests cannot enter through cracks or other holes. But, townhouses are different.

A townhouse is difficult to determine the exact source of any pests entering the home.

With townhouses, there are usually four or five in a row all connected and most the time you cannot guarantee your neighbour’s cleanliness or problems with pests. With such close neighbours, there can be multiple points of access that can be difficult to identify for homeowners.

Sure, there are the basic points of entry through cracks and holes in exterior walls. Damaged vents on the roof or side of the house. Multiple openings to the inside through the garage. Even if you spend the time to properly seal all these access points, you cannot be sure your neighbour has done the same maintenance on their home.

Townhouses share walls, pipes and other things.

With your houses all connected it offers some main arteries for pests to move between houses. Even for a pest control professional, it is difficult to spot all the points of entry between the houses. Even with a perfectly rodent proof home, pests can still be making their way through the roof or walls between the houses. Imagine a row of townhouses all as one large building.

Mice and other pests can have a nest three houses down and be travelling to your unit for food. And then travelling back to their nest. This is a very difficult problem to solve. Even with the whole townhouse row working together to seal outside entry, there can be dozens of small holes or cracks that still offer entrance for pests.


Preventing pests from choosing your home

The best way to reduce the flow of pests through your townhouse is by keeping it clean. A lot of the time rodents and other pests are searching for a reliable and easy access to food. Keeping your unit clean of dirt and clutter will give pests less places to hide or find a meal.

Always keep the kitchen and other food areas clean. Rodents will likely be attracted to you kitchen. Place all loose food items into glass sealable jars. Mice and other pests can easily gnaw through soft materials. Regularly take out the trash and keep the area clean. If you have pets, make sure to keep their bowl area tidy and free of fallen food.

Signs of mice and other pests.

        • Seeing droppings that look like small brown pellets resembling a grain of rice.
        • Strange odours of urine or other musty smells.
        • Gnawed holes or other areas.
        • Black smudges of oil around holes they might use to enter your home.
        • Actually seeing a rodent or pest.
        • Finding a nest
        • Rustling or scratching noises.

Milton rodent removal

Townhouses are notoriously difficult to remove any infestations because the pests can be coming from any house in the row of units. If you notice a lot of signs rodents might be in your units, make sure to contact Truly Nolen Pest Control.