Pest Control: Preparing for Canadian Winters

Winter preparation in Canada means protecting your home against any unwanted pest invaders during the colder season, and this means rodents in particular. Cozying up with the family by a warm fire in winter are the times that make memories, and better made without the help of rats and mice. As they try their best to escape the cold winter weather, rats and mice make their way indoors to find a warm cozy spot to call home for the next few months. This can cause you and your home some real problems and maybe your call for some serious pest control professionals. The following tips should help you to be secure your home from any rodents trying to get in, while Truly Nolen’s Four Season Approach to pest control is all you need if things have escalated out of hand.

Don’t Send Out Invitations

Leaving old food and kitchen mess lying around is a surefire way to get the rodents running to your door. Cleaning your kitchen daily is critical to keeping these dangerous pests away from your home. Their innate ability to carry and spread diseases make them a real threat to the well-being of your entire family. Food from boxes and in packaging should be locked away in an airtight container and stored securely. Any easy meal is one of the most common ways to attract rodents to your home, and once they have settled in, getting them out is another story entirely. That is why preventative pest control is the first and best line of defence for your home.

Inspect Your Premises

Walking around the outside of your home and giving it a thorough examination is absolutely necessary. Rotting wood and garden debris, as well as winter wood piles,  should be removed from around your house to prevent inviting rodents to nest. Cracks and gaps must also be sealed properly. A common place for mice to enter and establish a nest is in the HVAC system. Make sure to check this properly. Weather stripping along doors and windows need to be secure and air-tight, eliminating any gaps that may be inviting entry points.

Four Season Protection Approach

For the past 80 years Truly Nolen has made pest control our specialty, and as such, we have developed   Four Season Approach to pest control, effectively eliminating your pest control problems for good. Through our deep understanding of insect behaviour, Truly Nolen has been able to develop this approach with a changing series of control and environmentally conscious materials, minimizing a pests resistance over time, effectively eliminating the problem for future generations to come. This approach to pest control further allows Truly Nolen to tailor an individual approach to pests during each specific season, leaving a lasting impression for years to come. With the establishment of a long-term approach, Truly Nolen is able to make use of more naturally occurring products to better protect the interior of your home throughout the year.

Pest control in Canada is not for the faint-hearted and is probably a task that is better left to the professionals. We are after all, expertly trained and equipped, and knowledgeable enough to make your pest problems a thing of the past. With a tried and true approach to pest control, Truly Nolen has made our mark on the way things are done, improving and innovating every step of the way. Pest control will never be the same again and has never before been more effective.