Pest Control Tips To Protect Your Home This Fall

Pest Control Tips To Protect Your Home This Fall

The fall is one of the worst seasons for homeowners regarding mice pest control. As the summer temperatures fall, giving way to a colder climate, animals search for warm places to spend the winter. Unfortunately, houses represent a haven for all types of pests.
Houses have HVAC, which means heat. The structures also provide safety from predators. Also, residential properties and neighbourhoods typically supply a buffet of food scraps and trash for pests to eat and create nests or dens with.

As a homeowner, you want to protect your house from rodent and pest invasions. Discover several tips to help you safeguard your property.

Mice Pest Control Tips for Fall

Animals are not dumb; they know that your house represents a safe and warm environment to survive the winter months. If there are vulnerabilities around your property, animals will take advantage. After all, a mouse only requires an opening the size of a nickel to enter your house.

The only way homeowners protect their properties is by being vigilant. Regular home maintenance and upkeep can limit the risk of infestations and property damage. As a respected pest control service, Truly Nolen suggests all homeowners focus on three prevention strategies as the fall arrives.

1. Home Repairs

Animals like rodents take advantage of weak spots in a house’s foundation or structure. For example, rodents may use cracks or existing access holes for plumbing to enter a home. Homeowners can prevent vulnerable entry points by sealing all cracks and making necessary home repairs.

Structure repairs are not the only thing homeowners should worry about. Mice and other animals need food and water to survive. Plumbing leaks can offer enough water for several mice to stay within a house’s walls.

While not technically a repair, homeowners can improve house maintenance. Keeping dirty dishes in the sink or leaving trash in the kitchen overnight can encourage pests. Most neighbourhood pests are foragers, including mice and rats. Crumbs on the floor and trash in the kitchen represent a valuable smorgasbord.

If you’re asking yourself what is the best pest control to get rid of mice and other pests, the answer is home maintenance and housecleaning. Each task limits access to an animal’s vital needs: food, water, and shelter.

2. Ventilation

Ventilation is essential to keeping a property dry. Poor ventilation adds to moisture problems which can resolve an issue for mice and other critters. A moisture problem can provide enough water for mice to survive.

Sealing cracks, installing door sweeps, and placing weather stripping can prevent water damage without impeding ventilation. Proper ventilation will also limit the need for mice pest control because it will be more difficult for rodents to enter the home.

3. Firewood Storage

Homeowners do not always do themselves favours with how they store firewood and yard debris. Many people store firewood near the house for convenience, but this is a mistake. Mice and other pests love to live and burrow into old firewood or debris. If the materials are near your house, the pest will become tempted to find their way inside your house’s warm structure.

Firewood should be stored at the back of a property. If you recently moved a firewood pile near your house and found evidence of mice or other critters, contact pest control near me for mice.

Mice Pest Control Near Me

Mice pest control is only one necessary pest control service during fall. Carpenter ants, birds, rats, and insects can all also pose a threat to your home. Sealing cracks, moving lumber, and being vigilant about cleaning and home repair are only a few things homeowners can do to protect their property. Contact Truly Nolen Canada to learn more and schedule an in-person property inspection.