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Earwig Facts

  • 1 inch in length.
  • Black, brown or dark brown in color.

Earwig Photos

Earwig Infestation

A laundry room, bathroom and kitchen can provide an earwig with a great home. These are the rooms where earwigs are commonly found, and the reason why they live in these rooms is because of water. Earwigs will live almost anywhere where there is water. However, many earwigs enjoy living in family rooms or bedrooms. To control an earwig infestation, it’s essential to remove hiding places. Insecticide will not be able to do much to remove earwigs if earwigs have plenty of places to hide. Decorative stones, logs, firewood piles and landscape timbers should be moved away from a home’s foundation. Unfortunately, earwig infestations can turn up in virtually every part of a home. It’s best to call the professionals because they know how to properly apply pest control.

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