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Earwig Facts

  • 1 inch in length.
  • Black, brown or dark brown in color.

Earwig Photos

What Are Earwigs?

The earwig is considered to be a ground insect, but when appropriate, it can easily fly. The majority of earwigs live beneath leaves and areas that contain mulch. It’s important for homeowners to know that earwigs don’t use their pincers to attack humans. However, if earwigs are disturbed, there is a chance that they’ll latch onto skin, which can produce a mild pinch. The forceps or pincers on a male earwig are usually larger than a female’s pincers. The term earwig is actually the result of an old superstition, which says an earwig crawls inside a person’s ear and begins to feed. Almost all earwigs are omnivorous. However, some species of earwigs are skilled predators.

Additional Information

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