Pest Removal Canada: Rodent Infestation Signs and Proper Removal

No matter the time of year, a pest invasion in Canada is a reality that we all have to live with. As the seasons change so does the behaviour of the pests and insects, as they seek out their need for that particular season. Winter time is the time of year that you are the most likely to find invades in your home, looking for some food, warmth, and shelter your home has all that they need. Pest removal in Canada as over the past number of years seen a relatively sharp increase; rats, mice, squirrels, and bed bugs being the main culprits for these necessary removals. Once your home has fallen victim to a rodent invasion, the potential for structural damage, and the increased health risks to your family, increase exponentially, as these guys breed fast, and can be the cause of heaps of untold miseries. It is important to be vigilant and on the lookout for any signs that your home may have become the “safe haven” for these pests during their time of need. These signs are more often than not sure signs of a rodent infestation.

Signs to Look Out For

Once your home has become the shared territory with some rodent friends, they are sure to let you know that they are there, if you know what to look and listen for. Squeaking and scratching noises coming from your walls, ceiling, and attic may be a hint. An odd musty smell coming from certain areas of the house, or perhaps some freshly made holes in the cereal boxes? These are sure signs that you have a rodent problem, and seeking out professional assistance is going to be your best option for restoring normality to your home. Removing any rodent problems that you may have is best done as quickly as possible to avoid them multiplying and creating more problems. Other notable signs of an infestation include:

  • Urine and pebble-like droppings
  • Nesting areas often made from tissues, insulation, and couch cushions
  • Grease marks and a musty smell
  • Clawing, squeaking, and scratching noises throughout the house
  • Strange or odd behaviour from your pets, which may include targeted sniffing, scratching at an area, or roaming around an area

These signs are certain to lead you to an infestation, and once that is the case, your Truly Nolen pest removal professionals in Canada are your new best friends.

The Truly Nolen Approach to Pest Control

Over the past 80 plus years, Truly Nolen pest control professionals have developed a Four Season Approach to pest control, not only eliminating your current infestation problem but preventing its return in the future. Pest removal in Canada comes with its own unique set of challenges, and with that being said, Truly Nolen has become true masters in this art. Through a series of environmentally-conscious and Health Canada approved materials, Truly Nolen’s Four Season Approach to pest control works with the animal’s behaviour as it changes with the seasons, effectively ridding your property of these pests for good. The Four Seasons Approach makes use of the appropriate methods to eradication to match the season of the year. Bugs are faster in summer, and thus a fast-acting material needs to be used. Similarly, winter is a time of rest and survival, not to mention breeding, and as such the appropriate materials must be used to interrupt this process, preventing any future risks of infestations.

This approach by Truly Nolen has proven itself to be highly effective in the elimination of any pest infestation, as well as the prevention of them returning the following season.  So if you need the job done right the first time, and only time, then Truly Nolen pest control professionals are your best bet in this ongoing fight against the pest.