Pets and Pests – Truly Nolen Has The System to Protect Your Home

Are you sharing a bed with your pet? Though it may feel comforting to have your pet near you during the night, it can also have some unpredictable consequences. Did you know that pets can bring bugs into your home? A lot of the time, pests such as bed bugs get picked up in the pet’s fur, be it a cat or a dog. For any pet owner it is easier said than done to find those pests that hide in the fur of your dog or cat so here are some tips to help:

Pets are Known to Carry Pests Into the Home

Pets can bring many types of bugs with them into your home, and it could become a problem immediately. All sorts of bugs can inhabit and nest inside your home, and they will be hard to remove later on. If not dealt with pests can create issues in your home, such as damage to any wooden beams, furniture, and floors.

If you are one of those pet owners who enjoy sharing the bed with their companion, bugs they carry on their fur could bite, causing painful and itchy irritation. But, what should you do if you suspect that bugs have inhabited your home thanks to your pet?

Calling Truly Nolen Canada is the best way to clear your home of pests. If you’re dealing with the type of bugs that reproduce fast it will be difficult to properly exterminate all of the bugs and prevent the problem from coming back. Pest control technicians will first inspect the property and locate the nests. They will then apply the Botanical Spray in a professional fashion, to ensure that all of the bugs will be eliminated.

Keeping Pests Off Your Pet

Making sure that your pet is clear of bugs before you let them inside the house is the first step to pest prevention. Check the dogs fur to make sure that there haven’t been any hidden travelers on your way home. In the case that your dog did carry bugs with them into the house it is good to check the pet’s bedding. Bathing and brushing them regularly will also make it difficult for pests to stay comfortable.

Pests in Your Home? Call Truly Nolen Canada

If you suspect that you may have a pest infestation in the home that you can’t handle, the best solution is to call Truly Nolen. If you try to exterminate pests such as bed bugs on your own, you could end up making things even worse. If a colony of bugs doesn’t get exterminated completely, they can become resilient to pesticides. Once this happens, it will be much harder to get them out of your home. Contacting Truly Nolen will be the smartest decision you make.