Prevent Rodents from coming Indoors this Summer

Summer is the time when rodents get drawn in homes across Canada. Truly Nolen often deals with rodent infestations in homes that reach a concerning size. Dozens, even hundreds of rodents, can inhabit a house and reproduce in a very short amount of time. This happens because rats and mice mate year-round, their babies become independent very quickly, repeating the cycle. If you want to protect your home against rodents, you need to apply some preventive rodent control measures. Here are some company expert advice for controlling rodents by Truly Nolen.

Keep Rodents Away by Maintaining Your Home

Rodents break inside homes when they find a weak spot to use as an entry hole. Homes that are neglected, with windows, doors, and fences being loose or damaged, are at a great risk from rodent infestations. Also, if you’ve been leaving large piles of trash outside your home, the smell of the organic matter will also draw rodents. Rodents need sources of food and fresh water, so any build up of standing water in your home will also serve as a drinking source for rodents. If you haven’t cleared out your landscape from building materials, leftover firewood, as well as old boxes and chests you’re using to store tools, rodents will have a nice place to hide.

It’s clear that a well-maintained home is required in order to keep the rodents away. You need to make sure your entire landscape is cleared out of any mud and debris, as well as trash, old building materials, and wood. You also need to trim bushes and trees so that the pests don’t have an easy hiding spot.

Regular year-round maintenance is necessary to keep the pests away and to protect the value of your home. You need to inspect the entire property at least once a month and detect any damage that could result in the easy entrance for pests. Defending your home against pests means following preventive measures:

  • Inspection and maintenance of front and backyard, as well as the garden. Make sure the exterior spaces are clean from trash and standing water, and that any cracks and damage is repaired.
  • Frequent inspection of attics and basements to ensure there’s no damage to the bricks, mortar and wooden structure. If any damaged spots get detected, timely repair is in order.
  • Inspection and repair of doors, windows and fences, especially those made from wood. Rodents find it easiest to chew and claw through old, decaying wood.

Need Help With Rodent Control? Truly Nolen Has a Year-Round Solution

If you live on a larger property, or simply don’t possess skills to plan out the maintenance on your own, Truly Nolen Canada has a team of experts who will make sure to tailor an individual plan for your home. After a thorough inspection, they’ll suggest adjustments to make in order to make your home pest-proof. Since every home has its individual needs regarding rodent control and prevention, our Truly Nolen company technicians will be sure to create a program you’ll find easy to follow.