How To Regain Control Of Your Home And Stop A Carpenter Ant Infestation

How To Regain Control Of Your Home And Stop A Carpenter Ant Infestation

Everything comes alive in the spring, including wildlife. Great temperatures, fresh air, green grass, blooming flowers – these are all wonderful to experience after months of snow and ice. But spring also comes with plenty of opportunities for wildlife and insects to infest your home. Among the various critters, you have to worry about are also carpenter ants. There are a number of ways you can address this issue preventatively during your spring cleaning routine. But if an infestation is obvious, you’d best contact a professional provider of carpenter ant control services.

Carpenter Ant Control Through Prevention During Spring Cleaning

When it comes to reliable and effective DIY control of carpenter ants, it is obvious that prevention is the easier way to deal with the problem. While tackling different spring projects, remember to add in some protection against ants and other insects. These protection tips include some of the following:

• Seal or replace any rotting wood around windows and doors. Such wood is ideal for a number of spring pests and carpenter ants.
• Eliminate your property of any structures or items that feature wood being in contact with the ground. For example, preparing the fire pit for nicer weather means you need to remember to store the firewood above ground.
• Inspect your home’s foundation and seal off openings and cracks.
• Also, seal any and all roof leaks. Holes and openings create moisture on the inside of your home, and carpenter ants find this very inviting as they thrive in moisture.
• Vegetation and trees that touches your roof or siding needs to be trimmed. This because it offers ants easy access to your home.

If You Do End Up With An Infestation, Here Is How To Know For Sure

Carpenter ants prefer to burrow themselves in wood. They are very destructive insects and can cause severe damage to wood surfaces, which can lead to larger damage to the structural integrity of your home. The interesting fact about carpenter ants is they don’t actually eat wood. In fact, they are foragers whose diet consists of nectar from plants and dead insects. They use wood to build their nests, hence the deep burrowing. Signs you might need professional control of carpenter ants include:

• Rustling sounds. Though only faint, there is a chance you will notice these sounds in woodwork or walls of your home as the worker ants move around and start to burrow.
• Shavings Piles. Piles of wood shavings become obvious under wooden items when the nest grows. Again, this occurs because carpenter ants prefer wood to build their nests in and do so by burrowing.
• Seeing ants. Never assume that seeing just one ant in your home is not a threat. Carpenter ants who are sent to forage for food typically do so far away from the nest. Regardless, there is a good chance that the nest is located in the walls of your home.

Truly Nolen: Your Carpenter Ant Control Services Provider

In addition to providing pest control for a number of different insects and pests, Truly Nolen also handles carpenter ant infestations. The company uses cutting-edge materials and implementation techniques, which guarantees reliable and long-lasting results. Having helped hundreds of thousands of homeowners to date, Truly Nolen is at your disposal for services regarding professional control of carpenter ants. Contact Truly Nolen today and let them do the work for you.