Removing Bed Bugs from Your Home Isn’t Easy!

Bed bugs can be found in almost every nook and cranny of your home. These little blood-sucking insects live in areas not far from your unsuspecting body, hiding out, just waiting for their chance to grab a quick meal. Bed bugs are parasites, and as such, they feed on the blood of warm-blooded animals. Human beings being their favoured victim. Bed bugs can find their way into your home through a number of different ways. They are expert hitchhikers and known to enter a house on people’s clothes, their handbags, or even backpacks. They can be absolute terror and a real pest.

Bed bug removal can be a bit of a pain, considering that conventional poisons and pesticides have been proven to be less effective than they were before. The reason for this is that bed bugs displayed pesticide resistance and immunity. The best methods used to eradicate bed bugs and their eggs employ both fumigation and heat treatments. Truly Nolen pest control professionals have the knowledge and expertise to effectively eradicate any bed bug removal issues that you may have.

Potential Bed Bug Problems

Identifying that you have a bed bug problem might be harder than you think. These tiny creatures tend to make their homes in the cracks and folds of your mattress and furniture, behind loose wallpaper, or even behind your wall sockets. They could be anywhere and everywhere all at the same time. Bed bug bites have a look similar to the bite of a mosquito and are often hard to tell apart. And although they do not carry or spread disease, bed bug saliva can trigger an allergic reaction or even an asthma attack. The psychological stresses and strains that a person can experience through a bed bug infestation can lead to insomnia and even depression.

Preventative Home Measures

Bed bugs can be a tough opponent to locate, and once they have made their way in, calling professional help is about the only thing you can do. There are some preventative measures that you can take to ensure yourself some protection against an infestation and nip the potential problem in the bud.

  • Keep an eye out for any blood spots that you may find on your bedding and bed sheets.
  • Wash your bedding and clothing in hot water.
  • Remove all clutter from areas inside of homes and don’t be afraid to dive in with the vacuum.
  • Keep your travel bags and suitcases wrapped in plastic and kept clean.
  • Upon returning from your travels or a hotel room stay, wash ALL your clothes in hot water.

These preventative measures are only going to help you to a certain extent. Bed bug removal is best left to the professionals, as they know where bed bugs like to hide, what their habits are, and how to accurately identify their bites. Truly Nolen has the expertise to identify and locate the source of your infestation, implement the safe and correct procedures to swiftly and effectively take care of your infestation, once again making your home a safe place to live. There is no substitute for the best bed bug removal professionals. Truly Nolen has got your family pest control issues covered year-round.