It’s Spring And Mice Are Still Lurking In Your Home?

It’s Spring And Mice Are Still Lurking In Your Home?

While it is true that mice prefer warmer temperatures, it is completely wrong to think they will leave your home as soon as spring temperatures start coming around. All pests typically have only one goal in mind in the fall, and that goal is to find shelter as soon as possible. They don’t want to be caught outside when the cold weather strikes. If you are a mouse, the warm home of an unsuspecting family is a great solution for the winter cold. In addition to offering a warm place to nest, you will typically have plenty of food and water as well. For homeowners, this is a signal to call in professional residential pest control services.

You’ve Found Evidence Of Mice In Your Home?

Mice are incredibly clever animals despite not being at the top of the food chain. They understand very well that they have absolutely everything they need to live comfortably inside the human home. Among the reasons for seeking shelter in human homes, the absence of natural predators is very important. Inside a human home, mice are safe from:

• Stray cats
• Owls
• Other birds of prey

True, mice will typically go outside in the spring because they prefer to be outdoors. However, it is also true that they will return in the evening to spend time with their growing family inside the walls of your home.

How Should You Treat The Mice Infestation?

It is wrong to expect that the store-bought mouse traps or family cat will take care of the problem. It is also wrong to consider your new visitors a harmless addition to the home. In fact, you should consider the problem very serious. What started out in November with just a few mice will easily turn to a colony of 15 to 20 critters by February. More importantly, that number will continue to grow if the problem is left untreated as mice breed incredibly fast when they have the right conditions. The real problems begin once the population doubles or triples in number. That is why you will need professional residential pest control services to stop the infestation early on.

Why Will Happen If You Continue Believing Mice Will Leave Your Home Willingly?

For creatures of such a small size, mice have been known to cause catastrophic damage to homes. Their teeth are razor sharp and they use wiring, drywall, and woodwork in your home to keep them that way. Additionally, mice also carry numerous diseases and parasites like fleas. They can transmit typhus, hantavirus, and salmonella to humans. They will NOT leave your home willingly in the spring, so remember to contact a reputable provider of services in residential pest control at the first sign of mice in your home.

Truly Nolen: Your Reputable Residential Pest Control Services Provider

It is important to remember that mice are rodents that do not have any intention of leaving your home in the spring on their own. They feel very comfortable in your home and likely have everything they need to thrive and breed. Pest control professionals like Truly Nolen are your safest bet if you need effective and reliable residential pest control services. Truly Nolen has been in the pest control business for more than 75 years and has developed a series of natural, environmentally safe, and successful mice removal methods in-house. Contact Truly Nolen today and ensure your home is mice-free throughout the year.